Where do babies come from?

If you have had a baby then you know that the stork really doesn’t drop them off at your doorstep. You did the hard work of carrying your little one around in your belly for nine months!

My maternity leave is finally over. While I’m happy to be back to work, I couldn’t help reminiscing about the last few months and all that lead up to having my baby.

During my 8th month of pregnancy I did what most expecting mothers do: I decided to take maternity portraits. And like most mamas, I too was concerned about showing off parts of body. I wanted photos of my baby belly, but how could I get those without showing my stretch marks and my Oprah’s (the flabby part under my arm-sorry Oprah)?

My husband and I went out to one of our favorite photography places for my lifestyle maternity shoot. Josh took photos from up above me, from low on the ground with me on my back, and from other angles that would show off my tummy and make me feel beautiful. I covered up my arms with a button up shirt so I could hide my imperfections but still show my belly.

One thing I learned is that it is really hard to get great photos of me and my hubby together when using the tripod to hold the camera. We kept running back and forth to press the timer. It was difficult and annoying. I wish we were able to get a few more images of the two of us together during  this special time.

I’m so glad I took the time for my maternity shoot. I love my photos and feel beautiful every time I look them. Plus, now I have awesome photos to show baby Caleb when he gets older and asks that dreaded question: Mom, where do babies come from?


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