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Engagement Photography

Lauren + Bennett

Lauren and Bennett are planning their wedding for next June in Sunriver, Oregon. Lauren asked if we could take some fun and casual engagement photos in one of their favorite places in Sunriver. Of course! I love taking photos in places that are meaningful to my couples.

This little fishing spot where they take their two boys fishing is also one of my favorite places for family photos. It was so perfect for their engagement session.

What you aren’t seeing in these photos is the adventure at the start of their session. The river water was super low so when Josh jokingly suggested I take them out to the island since we could cross – I was like, “let’s do it!”. Then I got stuck in the muck and had mud oozing through my leather boots the rest of the session. Thank goodness Lauren and Bennett weren’t the ones to get stuck in the mud!

After that, we just hung out along the shoreline for their romantic photos. I just love that this spot is where they fish and float the river!

After just a few in their first outfits, they through on their fun sports outfits that were filled with personality. They wore jerseys from their favorite teams.

They also had cups made from the cousin of one of the bridesmaids who created beautiful watercolor paintings representing their home states. They had the artwork put on the cups for them to treasure forever. How awesome is that?

Lauren and Bennett,

I love how sweet you two are together and full of personality and joy all your photos are! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day and meet your two boys.

– Kellianne  

Brittany + Scott

Brittany and Scott’s engagement session was absolutely perfect! The smoke cleared and the we got one of the classic Central Oregon sunsets of October. We tried to go to Trillium Lake for their engagement session, but it was closed due to fire activity so we made the best of it and went to Black Butte Ranch. I’m actually really glad it worked out this way because Black Butte Ranch is stunning in the fall!

It was so fun to include their sweet pups too, Nova and Chloe! Special shout-out to my hubs, Josh for watching the dogs while I photographed Brittany and Scott. Normally Josh shoots too, but we needed to save time/light so he assisted by being on dog duty for the first 15 minutes.

I love how their entire session is filled with warm fall colors from the yellow grass to the Aspens and the gorgeous red sunset. Brittany really wanted a dock in the photos. While we couldn’t access the dock, I did get in the background for her! Scroll to the end to see the awesome sunset-water-mountain photos!

Brittany and Scott,

I love how your engagement photos turned out! I’m so excited for your wedding day- it’s going to be amazing!!


Bethany + John

John and Bethany are such a beautiful couple! They met in high school and were friends for a long time before eventually realizing that what they were looking for was right there in front of them. They live in the Bay Area so planning this engagement session was a little challenging. The first time the session was planned, Covid-19 got in the way. When they rescheduled their trip back home for the 4th of July, I made sure to make room for their engagement session. 

They chose Shevlin Park for their engagement portrait location. Bethany and John actually met in high school while running. They’ve spent a lot of time running together on the trails through Shelvin Park so this place holds a special place in their heart. I love when couples choose places that are meaningful to them for the engagement photos – it gives me the warm and fuzzies. 

I really love how these photos turned out and I’m super happy Josh and I didn’t have any trouble with wearing masks during their session. 

Bethany and John,

I hope you love your photos! You guys are such a great couple and really enjoyed getting to know you more. I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding and a start to a beautiful marriage. 


This amazing moment happened while we were finishing up the session! A falcon (is it a falcon?), swopped down and grabbed a fish out of the pond right in front us. My photo hunting kicked in and I started grabbing a few shots of the bird in flight! This magic moment must be good luck for my couple, right?

Ben + Kayla

Benjamin and Kayla were so much fun to photograph! The plan for their engagement session started with the idea of portraits by a waterfall since thy got engaged in front of waterfall. On the day of the session we switched plans and headed to the always stunning Smith Rock State Park. I’m so glad we did! It ended up being more than perfect for these two!

Kayla is a degree in geology so with her love for rocks in mind, Smith Rock was exactly the right place for her! Ben mentioned that they’ve spent time together hiking through Smith Rock so this place was special to them.

Kayla and Ben met in high school and have been together ever since. They love the outdoors, especially hiking, camping and traveling all over together. I can always tell when people are meant to be and these two certainly are meant for each other!

Kayla and Ben,

Thank you so much for being flexible in this crazy time. You two are so sweet and were so much fun to get to know. I know your wedding day is going to be perfect, no matter what the world throws at you. I hope you love these images as much as I do!

– Kellianne

Kim + Ryan, Dillon Falls

Our sweet friends, Kim and Ryan, are moving away. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. I love these two so much! We are so grateful that Josh and Ryan are both on the same Boneyard cycling team. Kim was so much fun to spend cyclocross season with and it truly will not be the same without her. Who is going to bring really loud noise makers for my boys? 🙂

Kim and Ryan really wanted to capture photos in Bend that would represent their time here and be really beautiful family images that they can cherish. I like to think that these will always remind them of me and Josh too. I really do hope that every time they see these images they are reminded of much we love and appreciate them.

We went to one of my favorite locations in Bend, Oregon – Dillon Falls. The field and nature path along the river are beautiful! It’s actually really difficult to photograph near the waterfall, but the rest of the landscape is stunning. It not only provided those classic Oregon trees and river, but also gave us a simple field to photograph in which was exactly what Kim was looking for.

I do want to mention Cedar, their fur baby. Often people ask if they can bring their dogs. I always say yes! Kim actually didn’t ask, so I texted her about 30 minutes before the session to make sure Cedar was in the car. I know how much their dog means to them, and especially to Kim, so it was important that he was part of these images.

Josh and I had so much fun hanging with our friends, laughing and celebrating life during this session!

Kim and Ryan,

We truly love you guys and don’t know what we are going to do without you here – I plan on calling once a week :). Seriously though, I’m so excited for the new chapter in your life and I really hope these photos give you a sense of closure to your time in Bend, while reminding you of all the memories and friendships you have made during your time here. May this next adventure be everything you hoped for!

xoxo – Kelli

Kim mentioned that she felt fireworks after their kiss in the woods. It’s amazing how just a little time focused on each other and being fully present with one another can bring back those magical sparks!

Where Kim grew up, there were a ton of these types of fences. When she saw this one, her eyes lit up and she begged me to stop and grab a couple photos.

Stephanie + Brent

Stephanie and Brent are seriously the cutest couple! Even when they had to cancel their long planned 2020 trip to Paris for their 20th anniversary, they still managed to plan an awesome trip to the Sunriver Resort. They even had great attitudes about it! I could tell they were soaking up the love and time away. I mean look at how they look at each other! 20 years into a marriage and they are still happy!

Brent had visited Paris in high school and has been planning on taking Stephanie there for a romantic vacation ever since they met (I think-at least for a very long time). We totally related on this! Paris is one of my favorite places on earth. I also went in high school and have been trying to take Josh there ever since we met. The world has flipped travel upside down and I find it refreshing to see people change what they are doing and find joy in the new plans.

With the 20th anniversary gift of Emeralds in mind, Stephanie chose an Emerald outfit for her and tie for Brent to capture that spirit. The color looks great on them which is awesome! I’m not sure I could pull of the look like Stephanie has.

My favorite thing about photographing Stephanie and Brent was watching them make each other laugh. If that is the secret to a healthy and strong marriage then count me in. I love when Josh makes me laugh and I hope we keep laughing, smiling and loving each other like these two.

Stephanie mentioned that it seems like time has gone by so quickly. It’s easy to see how that could be. They look like they always have a ton of fun together and when you are having fun, time flies.

Stephanie and Brent,

Spending a short time with you has made me hopeful and has put a smile on face. You two are so in love and it’s easy to see. I can only hope that I have as much happiness as you have when we reach 20 years. And I hope Josh still looks at me the way Brent looks at you, Stephanie. I truly hope your anniversary was amazing! And I hope I get to be there in Paris photographing you on your make-up trip 🙂 Thank you again for letting me be part of your story and letting me capture these beautiful photos of you two! Lastly, thanks for putting up with the cold wind!


Tawny + James

Tawny and James met 4 years ago over New Years break at Crater Lake, Oregon. They were both on vacation and had no idea that the start of the new year would the beginning of something amazing and life changing.

They fell in love in the winter wonderland of snow and pine trees, so they knew they wanted to capture that same feeling for their engagement session. I love when we can plan engagement sessions that are filled with meaning like this one. We really captured something priceless!

Tawny and James drove 3 hours to the forests at the base of Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. They actually drove half way out the day of a big storm and had to turn around do to unsafe road conditions. No worry! We rescheduled for a couple weeks later! The second try was much better weather, but still a bit stormy. There was also a ton of fresh snow which made walking through the forest a bit tricky. We picked a few beautiful backdrops, stuck our feet into the snow and captured a ton of fun.

Tawny looked so beautiful. Despite the snow, both Tawny and James kept loving smiles on their faces and good attitudes inside. Tawny and James were beaming with love. I know that since we were able to capture their joy in freezing snowy weather that their wedding day is going to be even better. I can also tell that these two will be able to weather any storm together.

Tawny and James,

Thank you so much for traveling so far and putting up with the deep snow! I think we’ve captured something special for you guys and I hope you love your image as much as I do! You guys are a fun couple and I can’t wait for you wedding day!!


Elizabeth and Carter

Elizabeth and Carter are so sweet! I love seeing young couples in love. They wanted romantic and fun images in the woods to use as their Save-The-Dates and I think we captured perfect images for the two of them.

Shevlin Park served as the best fall background for this mini session/engagement session. I just love the wild Oregon landscape. We even found a patch of yellow/orange bushes to give that extra fall glow!

I don’t often do engagement sessions as mini sessions because I like to spend time really getting to know my clients and warming them up to the idea of being in front of the camera. Usually I scrap about 90 percent of the images of that first 20 minutes of the session as I’m getting them comfortable and allowing them to relax to get those beautiful and natural romantic moments. Photographing a 25 minute engagement session was challenging, but luckily I had an amazing couple to work with.

We jumped right in with romantic photos. I find when people trust me, they can loosen up pretty quick and get the photos they want. That’s what happened with Elizabeth and Carter. They let go of any anxiety of being in front of the camera which allowed me to get some great photos of the two of them.

Elizabeth and Carter, thank you so much for hopping into the shoot with great attitudes and trust. I had a great time with you guys and with your sweet pup! I hope you cherish these moments! – Kellianne