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Kayla + Ben

Location: Cooper Spur Resort at the Log Home / Florist: DIY / Hair and Makeup: Katya Lapierre, The Makeup Mafia / DJ: Blake Kaufman / Cake: Two Sweet Cakes / Bridal Dress: Calla Blanche / Bridal Boutique: Madeleines Bridal Boutique / Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka / Bridal Jewelry: Saxons Jeweler / Bridemaids Dresses: Birdy Grey / Grooms Attire: The Black Tux / Groom’s Ring: Manly Bands / Bridal Ring: Saxons Jeweler

Kayla and Ben are seriously the cutest couple! They have similar personalities and some differences which helps make them the perfect couple. They agree on so many things and love a lot of the same activities. “It’s impossible to imagine days without each other” -Kayla.

They got married at Cooper Spur Resort at the Log Home in Oregon with an incredible mountain view. Everything about the day looks like perfection. Can you believe Kayla and her family did all the flowers DIY style? They are so beautiful!

Covid changed their long planned wedding day in many ways, but in the end they had the wedding of their dreams. The wedding was planned to be intimate and private near Mount Hood. They loved the trees and mountain views at Cooper Spur and knew it wood be perfect for their wedding.

They kept their celebration simple, safe and full of fun. Kayla’s white lace dress is the Brianna by Calle Blanche which she found at Madeleines Bridal Boutique in Clovis, CA. She knew it was the right dress as soon as she put it on. No other dress could compare! Despite it getting held back in shipping due to Covid-19, she did get the dress of her dreams. Her gorgeous shoes are from Badgley Mischka and she topped off her look with earings from Saxon Jeweler in Bend, OR.

I absolutely love her pink bridal dresses from Birdy Grey and the pop of pink she added to the bouquets to match! I think my favorite detail was how they added in Bonta Gelato from Bend. I crave their gelato all the time!

“Our wedding is almost entirely DIY from the flowers down to the cake decorations! We also have a Polaroid picture style guest book with fun places to hang the photos. Another fun thing we have is Bonta Gelato catering as our desert choice. Our vision for the day is a rustic vibe that has been DIY-ed to show our outdoorsy love. We also have outdoor lighting for lawn games and dancing under the sky!” – Kayla

I’d say they totally nailed an elegant, rustic and fun DIY wedding! One of the best parts was their DIY Polaroid photo guest book. They transformed an old wood pallet into a beautiful rustic place for the photos and notes from the guests to hang.

Kayla knew Ben was the one within the first year of dating. They always made time for each other and for Kayla, being with Ben was like being home. I mentioned they are the cutest right?

Ben proposed at Multnomah Falls on Kayla’s birthday. While admiring the amazing waterfall, Ben asked a random person to take a photo of them. He put it on video, got down on one knee and proposed. The rest of the day was magical. “I don’t think we stopped smiling at each other the whole” – Kayla

After spending seven years kayaking, backpacking, traveling and watching movies with each other, their big day finally came! To Kayla and Ben, marriage means committing to each other and drawing close together to work through thick and thin.

Kayla and Ben,

Your wedding photos are so beautiful and hope the day was the wedding of your dreams. I have really enjoyed getting to know both of you! I hope marriage teaches you new things about each other and helps you cherish the things you already know. May all you days with one another be a blessing!


Siobhan + Manny

Location: Sunriver Resort / Florist: Wild Poppy Florist

A beautiful Covid-19 wedding on the Mount Bachelor lawn at Sunriver Resort was not only Siobhan and Manny’s dream, but also became their reality on Saturday. Their love could not be stopped! They kept it super simple with only 30 guests in the Heritage Room at the resort. We focused mainly on the two of them the whole day – it was the best day of their life after all!

After forming a friendship, Manny invited Siobhan to an intense work out session. He’s lucky she’s tough! They started dating soon after and became more than friends who work out together. She grew to love him and knew he was her one when she was introduced to his family. He was so proud to show her off and she knew!

They’ve been together for two years and could not wait for this day to come! One year ago, Manny took Siobhan on a quick get away to the place they first met – the beach – where he proposed at sunset. So romantic!

They chose the Great Hall at the Sunriver Resort in Oregon for their wedding because the nature that surrounds the venue is beautiful. They only had a few vendors help with their small wedding and were so excited to have incredible flowers for their day.

Siobhan’s dress was a beautiful vintage dress complete with lace and bling. Seriously, when I saw her in the dress for the first time I was in awe. It was so beautiful! Is it wrong that I hope she wears it to play board games and hang around the house in?

To Siobhan, love means having family, your perfect soul mate, your missing puzzle piece and your best friend with you everyday.

Siobhan and Manny,

Thank you for letting me capture your day! You two are meant for each other. I hope your lives will be filled with love, laughter, board games and movies!


Christy + Charlie

This family is seriously amazing! Christy and Charlie have a very full life – full of cuddles, joy and tons of love! And it’s totally contagious. Every time I’ve gone to their home and spent time with their family, I leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything. It may be surprising to be energized after wrangling quadruplets, but I thrive in chaos, which may be one reason why I love photographing this family of seven.

One day before their 10th anniversary, Christie decided that a celebration was needed. 24 hours later, they held this beautiful vow renewal to celebrate. I’m so impressed with how quickly she got everything together and I’m so happy I could be there to document this special event for their family. I know the kiddos are maybe too young to remember it fully. I hope they can look back at these photos and see how amazing their parents are! Even with a move to Oregon and tons of chaos in their lives, they still find ways to celebrate their love. And maybe more importantly, they still love each other fully like when they first met.

Christy and Charlie,

I’m so happy that you held this event even in the midst of a quarantine. It is so important, maybe more than ever before, to do things like this. You’ve reminded me of how special each anniversary is. I hope you continue to show your kids how much the two of you love each other. May this year be filled with more joy than the 10 before!


As part of the vow renewal they wanted to sit as a family in a circle to tell each other how much they love each other. It was such a sweet moment!

How to plan a wedding with Covid-19.

How to plan a wedding during the coronavirus outbreak…

My sister’s long awaited wedding is coming up fast. We have all been planning for this special event for years and are a little anxious about what is going to happen. I know she’s stressing about the whole thing possibly being canceled knowing that since this is an act of God, she will loose any deposits made. So, what do we do? 

Let me assure you, your wedding vendors want your wedding to happen. The wedding and event industry is being hit hard with city, county, state and federal enforced shut downs. Those smaller events are the lifeline that the industry needs to allow the vendors to be paid and buy groceries for their families. As long as it is safe to do so, they want your event to happen.

If you are willing to postpone your wedding, or of you are forced to, then contact your vendors and ask if they will let you switch dates. I have a whole section in my wedding photography contract that provides details with how to switch dates without a penalty and in this case, I am happy to wave those penalties for my brides until March 31st of 2021, just in case. It will hurt my business. But it will hurt more to have a full cancelation. I’m sure many other vendors will agree with me.  

On the phone with my sister she said, “I’m still getting married!”. If you aren’t willing to postpone the wedding, here are my suggestions on how to get married in these uncertain times…

With everything up in the air and out of our control it’s hard to know what will happen in the coming weeks and months. I watch a lot of survival shows and I’ve learned that the most important thing in times like these, where everything seems chaotic and out of your control, is to figure out what you can control. I know the world isn’t ending and we aren’t stuck on a deserted island, but we are living in a world where we no longer have control of social interactions. The government has mostly taken over this part of our human existence, at least for now. So how can our lives go on? 

I asked myself two questions:

  1. What is the most important thing for the wedding?
  2. What is the one thing we CAN control so we don’t go crazy and get too stressed out?

I’ll say this, weddings are a celebration about a couple making a lifetime commitment. They aren’t about decorations or dancing. They aren’t about gourmet meals or photography (it hurts to say this because I know how valuable photos are, but it is still true). 

I assured my sister that even if the venue cancels the event, even if the government cancels the event, we will still have a wedding for her. The most important thing for her is that the commitment is made. She said they’d just run to the courthouse and get it done if they have to. The reality is that that may not be an option. 

In fact, the courthouse is already shut down in Orange County so she actually can’t currently get a marriage license.

What can you control? You can create a backup plan so your stress is controlled. You can make sure your marriage can still be legal and you can still have a wedding.

Here’s what you can do:

Make a secondary plan. If your venue cancels your event, where can you have your wedding? Could you reschedule your reception with your venue for next year? Can you host a smaller wedding at someone’s house or at a park? Or can you get all your vendors to reschedule and talk with them about what it would look like should you have to reschedule again?

Check the laws of your state. If the court shuts down, how do you get married? You’ll need to check the laws in your state, but if you can find someone to get ordained on the internet now and pick up your marriage license immediately, then you have a legal backup plan and a way to tie the knot even if the government shuts its doors to marriages. Remember, most marriage licenses are only valid for 90 days.

Let your guests know what the plan is. Let your guests know that the event will still go on but if they are feeling sick or being asked to quarantine that you will post photos online for them to see. Or let them know that you will be postponing or canceling all together. Keep the lines of communication open by inviting them to follow your wedding information on a wedding website. Wedding websites are easy to make and free. Ask for their email addresses too so can email everyone with new information.

Have a plan for your guests to see you tie the knot. If you are doing a small wedding (less than 10 people) before the actual event with all your guests, then have a way for them to be part of the real celebration. Cell phones are great for occasions like these were you need a simple solution for sharing a video. Set up a cell phone to video your ceremony and share the video online so guests can see this amazing piece of your life.

This is also great once you are allowed to have your larger event. It will allow your guests to be part of your day virtually should they choose to not attend the event. You can also do a group zoom call where they can login and watch the live event digitally. 

Be okay with not having the perfect wedding you dreamed of or waiting until it can happen.

For my sister’s wedding I explained to her that if she already has her marriage license and a friend who is ordained (she has 3), once limits on small gatherings are lifted and we can have up to 25 people together again, even if it’s just the immediate family, she can still get married. My mom and I may need to FaceTime in if they shut down all travel to California since we live 900 miles away. But she can still get married. 

Her reception can get postponed, and she can still have it in the future if need be. Life may look different, but it will go on and we will plan events again in the future. They may be limited to a certain number, but they will happen.

As for the honeymoon… My sister and her fiancé were planning a trip to Italy. Clearly, that won’t be possible at this time. Even in a couple months, I would say that it is still not wise to go to Italy or other places where a large scale outbreak has happened. In a year, I’m sure it will be fine. A lot of couples wait until their 1 year anniversary to go on their honeymoon. My sister was not happy with this idea even though she knows it may need to happen. However, she doesn’t want to just go back to work on Monday. After all the stress of planning a wedding, not to mention having to have multiple backup plans for the wedding, she wants a honeymoon.

My suggestion was to travel within 600 miles from her home or within whatever restrictions the city, county, state have. (I assume that if we can have an event with 25 people that we will also not be homebound). Find a place that just the two of them can be together. It doesn’t have to be perfect or be a big adventure. It’s about the two of them finding time to be together so they can start their marriage from a place of peace and not stress. 

The most important thing to remember is that a wedding is about a marriage. A honeymoon is about relaxing with your new spouse. Location, decorations, food and even guests are all special luxuries that we may need to learn to live without. Weddings and marriages will still go on. Your wedding can still happen, it will just look different and you need to be okay with that. 

There is no need to stress about the things you can’t control. What you can control is your backup plan. 

The only things you need for a wedding are :

  1. You and your fiancé.
  2. A couple witnesses.
  3. A marriage license. 
  4. Someone who is ordained. 

The next things would be a cell phone for a video and possibly even a professional photographer, but even that would be a luxury at this point. Photos can be taken with a cell phone if need be. A photographer can capture you and your fiancé/spouse together later. It won’t be the same as the actual event, but these are special times and it’s ok to do things a special way. 

Life will go on. Your wedding can still happen, you just need a plan.

-Kellianne Jordan

How to keep warm at your winter wedding…

If you are dreaming of a winter wedding, snow slowly falling from above creating a blanket of beautiful white along the ground, then there is one thing to keep in mind: snowy winter days are cold. Wedding dresses are often made of lace and are created for brides getting married in the popular summer months. Often they are not designed to keep a bride warm on a winter wedding day. So how do you keep warm in the cold without ruining your style? 

Many people have asked, what do brides wear when it’s cold? The most sophisticated style choice is fur. Fake or real is up to you, but the look and feel is the same. Fur will keep you warm while elevating your winter wedding day look.

Here are a few stylish ways real brides kept warm at their weddings in the cold months:

The white fur shawl, shrug, wrap, cape or stole. 

One of my favorite winter wedding wear items is the white fur shawl. Call it shawl, stole, cape or shrug, this delicate item adds warmth to the bride without hiding the dress much. It also adds texture to the image with an elegant, upscale charm.

Erin chose a white fur shawl for her rustic wedding in central Oregon at Brasada Ranch. She looked gorgeous all day! (And yes, we did take a bunch of photos without the shawl too!)

The full fur coat.

Felicia had a snow surprise on her wedding day. She had hoped for snow and planned for it, but didn’t expect 6 feet of it! Luckily she really did plan ahead and not only had a big fur cote to keep herself warm, but also had a beautiful colored fur shawl for her bridesmaid. They looked gorgeous on wedding the day! I love how the colored fur pops against the white snowy backdrop.

The color-coordinated wrap.

Lindsay also got married at Brasada Ranch but chose a colored wrap for her spring wedding. With her husband wearing bright purple, it made sense for her to match. Often brides will wear white and gift their bridesmaids a colored shawl. Lindsey opted for color and had her bridesmaids wear denim jackets to tie in to her rustic ranch wedding.

The fur vest. 

Yvonne was hoping for a slightly warm wedding day and bought this winter fur vest for her chilly engagement session. I love how the texture pops off her images! On her wedding day, the wedding turned cold so she had her bridesmaids grab a blanket and her fur. They only used them for a few minutes while I was photographing the groom and his groomsmen. They definitely kept her warm for a few minutes and were great to have around!

Denim jacket, leather jacket or fabric jacket.

Another option for a down-to-earth, rustic wedding is grabbing your jean jacket. I love when brides add a cowboy charm to their wedding day! Tammy brought her jean jacket to the reception on a cool summer evening. I think she only wore it for the photos with her sweet horse, but it added perfectly to their rustic charm at their causal wedding while keeping her warm when she wasn’t on the dance floor. 

Chelsea chose a simple fabric jacket for her winter elopement. She even wore the jacket during the ceremony to keep warm. 


Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite warm wedding wear ideas and where to find them – just click on the link and it will take you there!

The Bridal Fur Shawl, Stole, Shrug and Wraps:

The Bridal  Poncho: 

The Long Bridal Cape: 

The Short Bridal Cape:

The fur bridal jacket:

The bridal jacket:

The Bridal Bolero (cropped jacket):

Chelsea + Scott

Elopements are so much fun, filled with joy and just the perfect intimate amount of friends and family!

Chelsea and Scott met when Chelsea joined her mom at a work holiday party. Scott, who normally does not attend work events, happened to attend this one. It must have been fate for the two of them to meet.

They took their relationship slow and steady, taking time to get to know each other and each others family’s. When they started talking about future plans together, they couldn’t see planning life without the other one. One sunny, snowy day on a hike at their family cabin, Scott proposed.

Chelsea dreamed of a wedding that was simple, easy and small. That’s exactly what she created for her big day. Their family had already planned a ski trip in Bend so she thought it would be a great place to get married and a great date to do it with only close family around.

The day of the wedding was a warm winter Bend day. They could not have asked for better weather in February. With the family gathered around, we just had to wait for the judge. There is always 1 thing that goes wrong at a wedding, even in an elopement. This was it. The judge forgot.

It ended up being totally fine, though. Scott’s sister in-law called the judge up and he raced down the road on his bike. He was great and made everyone laugh, but most importantly was there to officiate the wedding.

“Marriage means forever and a united front for future kids” – Chelsea

Chelsea and Scott,

Thank you for letting me be part of your day! You guys are so kind and fun to be around. I hope you have the best marriage ever. I can’t wait to see your future kids!

– Kellianne

Chelsea’s gorgeous red wedding dress was found at Lulus.

I’ve never seen a bride pin the boutonniere on the groom before. So modern!

Chelsea had a family member create this gorgeous pin for her hair.