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Bethany + Nick

Beth and Nick were married in Eagle Crest at a house owned by their cousin. It was the perfect Central Oregon location filled with Junipers and plenty of space to enjoy the sunshine. We started the day in Redmond, Oregon where hair and makeup were being finalized and the all the ladies were getting ready for the big day. The first look was one of my favorite moments. It may have been bright and sunny and not the perfect lighting, but it was the perfect setting for them. I even left the photo in this post where you can see the folks at the pool cheering Beth’s name. So basically, they started their day filled with love and laughter.

Surrounded by their friends, family and a wooden hexagon arbor and flowers put together by their family, they said their I do’s. It was sweet and romantic. I loved Nick’s vows when he told Beth that she had saved him. It was so honest and pure. I also loved when their dog Maple walked down the aisle with their rings.

The rest of the day may have been a bit warm, but everyone had so much celebrating together. Beth and Nick truly are soul mates!

Beth and Nick,

It was truly a pleasure to be part of this magical day with you guys. I can see how much you love each other and I know that God is going to bless your marriage. I’m so happy you found each other in this crazy world. You guys are going to have an amazing life together!

-Kellianne (and Josh)

Can you spy the family at the pool shouting Beth’s name? 🙂

Have I ever mentioned how Josh always takes one photo that becomes my favorite one from the wedding? This one above is it for this wedding!

Yes, those are actually their rings on her little dog pillow!

I still don’t know what was so funny in this photo.

Tawny + James

Tawny and James are such a cute couple and so much fun! They chose Deep Woods Event center in Eugene, Oregon for their rustic and elegant wedding. This wedding was planned a while back, but like most weddings in Covid-19, they had to reschedule to be able to celebrate surrounded by their friends and family. I’m so glad they did because everyone at the wedding was thrilled to be there with them!

The day started with Tawny and her girls getting ready in a salon in Eugene. I know they all felt pampered by the staff and by Tawny who bought each of the girls a special bridesmaid robe to wear. Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, they set off for their first look… or at least that was what we made James think. James was surprised by one of his groomsmen in a dress. They totally got him! His men also surprised him with bottles of alcohol when they shook his hands as they joined him at the end of the aisle. I told you they were fun!

James was actually very grateful we didn’t do a first look because he really wanted to wait to see Tawny until see walked down the aisle. Once she was walking, he was crying. It was so sweet! you can really see how much he loves her!

The rest of the night was filled with joyful laughter, dancing, beautiful toasts and star wars masks. Of course, right! Everyone had a blast celebrating Tawny and James and wishing them an amazing future.

Tawny and James,

We could really see how in love with each other you two are. Some weddings, like yours, reminds me of why I fell in love with Josh. I know you guys are going to last and are going to be able to make it through anything. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your day and capture these precious memories for you!

-Kellianne and Josh

The makeup artist you see here went to high school with my sister! And even though we are miles away and in a different state than we grew up in, we still managed to connect. It’s such a small world!

Doesn’t it look like the Endor Moon? These photos are so perfect!

Heather + Matthew

Heather and Matthew gathered with their closest friends and family at a home along the river in Sunriver, Oregon for their intimate wedding. Their elopement was more like a traditional wedding than most that I photograph. With only 2 hours, I captured details, getting ready photos, beautiful portraits of everyone as well as plenty of candids to help them relive their day.

I absolutely love the back of Heather’s dress and that gorgeous lace detail. Somehow, before I arrived, I just knew that the back of her dress would be amazing! One of my favorite details was the blue ring that she borrowed. I also loved the pearl necklace that her grandmother let her wear.

I had so much fun getting to know Heather and Matthew on their wedding day. They were such a sweet couple! I know everyone had a great time celebrating on a rainy Oregon wedding day because everyone was laughing and smiling the entire time. We did manage to avoid the rain for most of the time I was with them!

Heather and Matthew,

Thank you for letting me join in the fun and capture your beautiful day for you! Rain is good luck so I know you are going to have an amazing adventure together as a married couple. If your day was any indication of your marriage, then you guys will have a marriage filled with joy and love!

-Kellianne Jordan

They planted a tree to watch grow as their marriage grows!

I love when couples truly take time to enjoy their day and spend time with their guests.

Lauren + Bennett

Lauren and Bennett are planning their wedding for next June in Sunriver, Oregon. Lauren asked if we could take some fun and casual engagement photos in one of their favorite places in Sunriver. Of course! I love taking photos in places that are meaningful to my couples.

This little fishing spot where they take their two boys fishing is also one of my favorite places for family photos. It was so perfect for their engagement session.

What you aren’t seeing in these photos is the adventure at the start of their session. The river water was super low so when Josh jokingly suggested I take them out to the island since we could cross – I was like, “let’s do it!”. Then I got stuck in the muck and had mud oozing through my leather boots the rest of the session. Thank goodness Lauren and Bennett weren’t the ones to get stuck in the mud!

After that, we just hung out along the shoreline for their romantic photos. I just love that this spot is where they fish and float the river!

After just a few in their first outfits, they through on their fun sports outfits that were filled with personality. They wore jerseys from their favorite teams.

They also had cups made from the cousin of one of the bridesmaids who created beautiful watercolor paintings representing their home states. They had the artwork put on the cups for them to treasure forever. How awesome is that?

Lauren and Bennett,

I love how sweet you two are together and full of personality and joy all your photos are! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day and meet your two boys.

– Kellianne