Oregon Farm Wedding

Lillie + Cody

Florist: Bennett Gardens | DJ: Anson Crane | Hair: Emily Hendrickson | Makeup: Jessica Giordano | Bridal Boutique: Azazie | Bridesmaids Dresses: Baltic Born

“Marriage to me means constantly putting the toilet seat down and playing Rock Paper Scissors over who is changing the next diaper. No matter what, at the end of the day we both go to bed together and say goodnight. We keep fighting through the tough times and laughing through the good times.” – Lillie

Lillie and Cody are two of the sweetest people I have had the privilege of photographing. They also happen to be loving parents to a couple of adorable kiddos! Lillie and Cody met through friends. When she became sick, he was right there by her side to take care of her. In fact, after knowing each other for only two weeks, they decided to move in with each other. Vowing to be together forever means being there for each other in the ups and downs of life. Lillie and Cody gained strength in their relationship early on with a few hardships and one amazing thing in life to celebrate: a new baby! Soon they bought a home together.

At seven months pregnant, while standing in front of the home they just purchased, Cody got down on one knee and proposed. Just a year later, they found out they would be having another sweet baby. Between the new pregnancy and Covid, their original wedding date had to be moved but that didn’t stop them from tying the knot early.

While their wedding day was not the day actually took their vows and began their marriage, it did serve as a symbol to their friends and family that they declare they will be together through all that life throws at them. These two have been through a lot together already so I believe that their marriage is one that will last a lifetime.

Lillie and Cody,

I am so grateful I got to meet you guys and photograph your engagement session. I wish I could have been there on your wedding day, but my photographer did an amazing job. I can see all the joy of your day and the love that you have for each other, your kids, and your friends and family. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

-Kellianne Jordan

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