Pfister Family

What a fun family! When your whole family comes to visit and you know it won’t happen again for a long time, that is when you book a photo session. Callie knew that when her niece and nephew came to town that she just had to get adorable photos with the little ones (and of course her parents, brother and sister in law), but we all know the kids steal the show 🙂

These kiddos are so cute! I wish they lived closer so I could photograph those beautiful little faces every year.

Callie and her brother grew up in Bend and even ran into some friends from high school in the middle of our shoot. They are really a great family. With Callie’s dad getting more unable to move around, these family photos are more valuable than ever before. What was so great was that Callie was able to borrow an amazing off-road wheel chair for the session to get dad around. Click here to learn more about the AdvenChair.

If you haven’t been out to Dillon Falls in Bend, Oregon, I’d highly suggest heading out and checking out the trail along the river. It goes right by the falls. My favorite spot for photos is the field. It’s only accessibly for part of the year, and you can’t go too far into it, but it sure is pretty!

We had perfect fall weather for this Dillon Falls family photography session. I love the fall colors they chose for their session too! It screams fall, and yet still can work all year long when they hang these photos in their homes.

Moms always ask, what if my kid cries the whole time? I do have a ton of tips I give to families on how to prepare your kiddo for a session so this doesn’t happen. It includes keeping your schedule the same as always and making sure they get a lot of rest. So, when you drive into town at midnight the night before your session and truly have no control over emotions of your kids, what do we do at the shoot? We shoot anyway. We play, we bribe (yes, bring the candy), we say yes, we make them happy and we shoot a little longer if we need to.

Sweet little Barrett had a rough go at this session, but he totally rallied at the end. Even throughout the session you can’t totally tell that he was crying. The rest of the family helped with him and kept the atmosphere joyful, which can be the key to success. I’m so happy with their family photos and extra glad that Barrett loves M&Ms 🙂

To the Pfister Family,

Thank you for trusting me to take these amazing family photos of your crew. I hope you love them as much as I do! I know you will cherish these for years to come.


Evans Family

When Jenny contacted me, she said she was looking for a simple family session with a lot of candids. She did’t want to to go too far from home with little ones, but was hoping for something beautiful. As soon as she mentioned that they live in Tumalo, I knew the perfect spot for their family session!

The Tumalo Reservoir is an amazing spot to hang out at. My kids love to ride their bikes through the dirt and just take in the beautiful sites. They even came with me and went riding with Josh during the photo session.

In fall, the beach hides as the water drains away. Rather than diminishing the environment, it simply changes to something stunning in a different way. We were able to walk down into the reservoir for big meadow photos.

We started their photos on the beach under the huge Juniper tree. I love how the light filters through the tree branches to give just a kiss of sun to the Evans family. After that, we ventured out into the big meadow, and then back into the trails for the more traditional Central Oregon landscape. One of my favorite things about full family sessions is the number of different backgrounds we can play in to make sure we have a ton of variety in the photos. We only photographed for 45 minutes and still got all these fun shots and more!

I also love having special moments with each parent and each child. At this young age, the bond between parent and child is so strong and a just love documenting that sweet silliness!

These kiddos loved being outside and being able to explore. we could barely keep them still! It was so much fun to capture their pure joy.

To the Evans family,

I just love your photos! I hope these precious memories always remind you of this time in your life. Kids grow up so fast. I hope you always enjoy these photos! Thank you for letting me capture these special images for your family. I can’t wait to photograph your family again in the years to come!


Waters Family

The Waters’s family connected with me for a family mini session at the field near by. I’m so glad they were referred by neighbors and friends because they were truly a delight to work with! They hadn’t had family photos taken in over 3 years, so it was the perfect time to capture new memories for their crew. We wandered around the field, got chased down by a cat, and relaxed and had fun. I just love these family photos and I know they are going to look amazing in their home!

To the Waters Family,

Thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you! You guys feel like family and I had so much fun with you guys. I hope you can cherish these special moments for a life time! Thank you!

– Kellianne

Karla and Kids

Are these girls not just the cutest? I seriously can’t handle how adorable these girls are! I’m so happy we made this shoot happen. It was almost scrapped due to unforeseen events but mom, Karla, rallied last minute and came with 15 minutes of sunlight left in the day. We totally made it happen and captured an awesome session of these sweet kiddos and mom!

I just love their white outfits with the white winter Aspen trees at Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon. Karla asked for a white look and that’s what we created for her! It almost has a spring vibe with the darling strawberry dusted summer dresses.


I’m so glad you made it out the park for this darling mini session! I think it was totally worth it and I know you are going to love these photos for many years. Thanks for letting me capture these memories for you!


Herriott Family

Alycia loves being outside with her family so when it came to their family photos she asked if they could be outside near water. Water is always tough in the fall because the river’s stop rushing and most roads to the lakes are closed. Even the stream at Shevlin Park can be hard to photograph at when it isn’t surrounded by greenery. Luckily I knew of this tiny little beach at Shevlin Park that I knew would be perfect for those fall water photos. (Don’t worry, in their final prints the road bridge will be edited out). I think this was the perfect setting for these first few photos.

Their two little girls have big personalities which I think is always fun! Not only do I want to show off those personalities, but I also have to find a way to calm them down for the family portraits that mom wants. Alycia and Andy let me deal with the girls for the majority of the time and did a great job smiling through the chaos.

The real challenge came when it was time for sibling photos. Every mom wants a photo of the kiddos together so I was determined to get it. Unfortunately their littlest was determined to explore and not sit with her big sis. In the 2 minutes we able to get her to sit, we captured some fun photos of them.

Shevlin Park is always a favorite place for photographers. Right across from the beach is a grove of Aspen trees, a trail to the pond and a small fishing pond surrounded by beauty. Yes, we did take advantage of all the sweet little spots for photos.

Normally I only shoot for 45 minutes with little ones, but because of all the fun locations at Shelvin Park, we kept on shooting for the full hour. I’m so impressed that the girls kept on smiling. We only had one short break down the whole shoot. Good job ladies! (and mom and dad)

To the Herriott Family,

You guys are always a joy to photograph. I love these photos of your family and the joy that capture. I hope you guys will be able to look back at these photos for years to come and hold on to this precious time. Thank you for letting me capture these for you!


Lilly + Tommy

These kids are so much fun to be around! They are filled with energy and get along so well! Twins can be a lot and you can see these two have big personalities. It was so much fun to play in the cold fall air and capture these memories for their holiday cards.

Thanks for playing Lilly and Tommy! I always love hanging with you guys and your family!

Cramer Family

I had so much fun getting to know the Cramer family at Shelvin Park in Bend, Oregon as we walked around, enjoying the fall weather. The park went so well with their outfits! I absolutely love these photos and this family. Their awesome outfits are filled with the same neutral and earthy tones along with a little fall inspiration. Each outfit has a little bit of blue, siena and forest green, allowing them to seamlessly blend together no matter how they are posed. I love the grandma got to join in the fun too!

The Cramer family just moved up from Southern California and were so excited to take part in our fall mini session event this year! I captured a ton of beautiful images of their family to use as new address announcements/holiday cards. I know these images are going to look amazing on their walls and on their holiday cards.

To the Cramer Family,

I can’t wait to capture more stunning images of your family so I can get to know you more and create stunning wall art for you to enjoy for years! Thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you. You guys are the best!


Spezza Family

Aren’t these sisters the cutest? We had fun making silly faces and capturing beautiful smiles at Shevlin Park for the Spezza fall family mini session! They asked for the majority of their images to be photojournalistic images so that’s exactly what I created. I love letting the kids play and interact with each other and with mom and dad. We definitely got some cute memories! I can’t wait to see these on holiday cards.

To the Spezza Family,

Thanks for taking time to play. It was great meeting you and I know you’ll enjoy these special family memories for years to come. Thanks for letting me be part of it!

-Kellianne Jordan

Wood Family Photography

I met Kristi at the dentist and we pretty much become instant friends as she cleaned my teeth. The Wood family moved up to Bend, Oregon from Georgia to start a new church. Clint has been a pastor for almost 2 decades and is now in charge of his first church plant. So exciting! We’ve been part of a couple church plants and it’s a fun process!

Kristi said they have a very modern farmhouse style and loved the fall colors at Hollinshead park. I think this was the perfect location for their fall family photos! The leaves had just started to turn so we had a gorgeous selections of green and orange trees full of leaves. I love the brilliant colors of the trees, but I also wanted to make sure to get some photos with toned down colors for their home.

I always have my families fill out a questionnaire before their family session. This helps me to get to know them a little better before the session and let’s me know exactly what their style is so I can create images perfect for them. For the Wood family, it was actually an incredibly important piece to their session. I love candid images where everyone really looks like themselves, perfectly relaxed while engaging with others. However, Kristi noted that she loved traditional photos. So, I made sure to have a huge selection of different family images with them all looking at the camera. I couldn’t help throwing in a few candids though.

One of the main reasons I love candids is because you can hang them bigger throughout your home and it really becomes art, rather than a family photo. Too many images of your crew staring straight at the camera can be overwhelming in a smaller space. Kristi and Clint agreed and actually fell in love with the idea of one candid print to balance out the formal portraits. It’s going to look so amazing on their wall. I can’t wait to update the blog with photos of their artwork!

I do have to mention their dog Murphy. They were worried about bringing him along but really did want to have a few images with the sweet boy. I have to say, he did amazing! Normally, I’ll ask for a friend to come along as a dog wrangler to help get his attention and keep in line, but he really didn’t need it. He actually followed direction super well and gave me tons of kisses while I photographed his family without him 🙂

To the Wood family,

Thanks you so much for letting me capture these amazing photos of your family. You guys are truly special and I feel so blessed to have had a chance to get to know you all! I know you are going to love looking at these photos everyday. Again, thank you for letting me be part of your memories!


Johnson family, Bend, OR

The Johnson family were so much to photograph! We met up at the top of Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon for a relaxed family portrait session with the extended family. David and Megan and their two sweet kids haven’t really done family photos yet so this was a special treat for them. The photo session was also a special gift for mom from the whole family!

I think their photos came out so beautifully! We captured that perfect combination of casual candids with portraits for everyone. I loved watching the kids explore and being able to capture their playful spirits!

We had a little trouble with the wind so I really can’t wait to see which images they pick to be retouched. Once the fly aways are gone, these images are going to really look amazing in their homes.

Johnson family, I hope you guys cherish these sweet moments forever. Kids grow up so fast and the years fly by. These memories will keep this time preserved forever. Thank you for letting me capture these for you!

– Kellianne

Pushkas Family

Brasada Ranch is a beautiful resort located in sunny Central Oregon. It’s the perfect place for any family to stay. The Pushkas family spent a few days at Brasada Ranch with the grandparents and had me come out to take beautiful photos so they can have some fun family memories of this time together. It was a bright and sunny day at the ranch so we chose a shady location under the tree and the famous Trestle bridge. We had a lot of fun together listening to music and just hanging out smiling at the camera. Thanks for letting me capture these beautiful photos for you! I can’t wait to see them on your walls!

The Hemme Family – Bend, Oregon

With quadruplets comes a life of total chaos complete with smiles, laughter and probably a few tears on a daily basis. Personally, I thrive in chaos. It makes me feel alive and focused. I truly can’t imagine having 5 kids, 4 of which are quadruplets, but I did get to be there for a fun and magical day in the sun.

I have to say, these kids are pretty awesome. At only 20 months they are each incredibly unique with shining personalities. Thank goodness big sis Charlie is there to help out!

In 45 minutes we were able to run around, have fun, take family photos, splash in some water and create some amazing family memories for the Hemme family. This unique family session was truly one of my favorites of all time. The joy… the craziness… everything about it I just loved!

To the Hemme family:

Thank you for letting me join your family for an hour to capture these summer moments. You guys had the best attitude during the session, knowing that it would be a ton of fun and hoping for the best. I’m so glad you dove into the chaos with smiles because the joy that we captured together is priceless. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with this experience and I can’t wait to be there for all the big moments in your life! I hope these photos bring your family a ton of joy and smiles when there are tears!!


So much fun!! I love seeing kids play and be happy!

The is image might not seem like much but it totally represents this family! I love Charlie jumping in the air and all the other littles running off while mom and dad and keep smiles on their face. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the chaos!

Klier Family

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I always love when families have their parents, siblings and other loved ones join in on the fun of picture taking. There are so many beautiful interactions and fun candid memories that we can capture. The Klier family session was perfectly filled with fun play time for all which made for great photos!

It was so much fun to have dogs, horse and even a llama in this session. When the Klier family sat down in the field, the horse immediately came over to check things out. He then left us and pulled a lens out of my bag. I love it!

Their farm served as the best possible setting for everyone. Not only was it stunning, but everyone felt right at home (because they were). This might not seem like a big deal, but it was so easy for everyone to have drinks and just hang out. Little Conner was very comfortable and played the whole time. This allowed me to capture natural expressions throughout their session. I’m so happy that their farm worked out!

Klier family, thank you for letting me the one to capture these memories for you! You guys were so easy to work with and such a pleasure to be around. Next time we’ll have to head to the dunes in Oxnard for some beach memories. I can’t wait to get your beautiful gallery walls up in your homes!

Diana + John

I met Diana and John out at Dorris Ranch in Eugene for a few photos of just the two of them. They mentioned that they had had a rough year and this photo session was a little something special for them to remember how much they love each other though good times and bad.

Sometimes as a photographer, I don’t get to see how much my photography can touch people. In this case, I know that they will look at these photos and forget all the hard times in life. They can focus on how much they love each other and grateful they are to have each other. I know this because we too had a hard year last year and I look at our fun family photos and think of how much I appreciate the hard times and even more, the good times.

John is so goofy and fun! I think that comes through in some of the photos 🙂 We walked through the Filbert trees and Oak trees laughing and just having fun. I absolutely adore these photos and I’m so glad that met me out in Eugene for this session!

John and Diana, I hope you two can forever treasure these memories!

Schafer Family

I’ve known Jake and Trish for awhile now, since our amazing OC days. Some could even say I’ve know them since the Medieval days, when Jake was a knight’s apprentice (at Medieval Times).

We had so much fun visiting with them for a few days this summer. I can’t believe they already have two kiddos! It seems like time flies. Last time we visited them, Trish was about 8.5 months pregnant with baby number 2 and Josh and were placing bets on which baby name they would pick (they picked our favorite one ). This summer we got to meet baby Huxley and, Oh, My, Goodness!! – I just love this kid! We totally bonded. I seriously can’t believe I don’t get to hang out with him all the time :(.

I super miss my friends already, but we did have a blast with them and are so thankful they don’t live too far away. Here are a few special pics we took in their backyard as a little thank you for letting us stay with them.