Scalas Family

I absolutely love when families come together for the holidays to spend time with one another. The Scalas family came to Bend for Thanksgiving from all over, including New Zealand!! When family literally flies across the world to be together, family photographs are a must! One of my favorite things at a family reunion session is capturing all the cousins with Grandma and Grandpa… so after one group photo I got the kids to cuddle their grandparents. It was so sweet! Of course we photographed each family together as well as the cousins together and kids on their own. These kids were so cute. It’s fun to be outside in a beautiful location for photos, even if the kids get distracted and want to play in the nature, I mean, who wouldn’t? I love all the natural smile of these kiddos. I ended their session with a special parent time to capture beautiful photographs of the parents together – it’s not all about the kids. The main stars of this session are their amazing group portraits. Everyone has natural smiles, laughter and you can see that they are all very happy to be together!

Kiffany + Justin + 3

Kiffany’s family is always fun to capture with my camera. Her sweet little ones have been in front of my lens for years and I never get tired of photographing them! The boys have turned into amazing models!! I love the colors they chose for their outfits (aren’t baby girl Isla’s shoes so cute!). It was super tough to get their tiny 8 month old girl to be happy in the freezing fall weather, but we definitely got some sweet moments with her and mom. I can’t wait to see these family memories up on their wall!!

Sawyer Park, Bend OR

We have been so lucky to have this beautiful woman in our lives! Kristan is one of the most caring and helpful people I’ve met in a long time. When Josh broke his back in his bike accident this year, she was there to help us. Josh was able to lean on her to handle work stuff and I was able to get an amazing massage in the midst of a stressful season.  Seriously, I’m so grateful to have her in our lives! Not sure we could have survived the last few months without her. That all being said, it was truly an honor to photograph her blended family this year! I love seeing how much these two cute kids already love each other. There’s really nothing better than watching a family have fun and simply enjoy spending time together. We chose one of their favorite places for their session: Sawyer Park in Bend, Oregon. And despite the freezing cold weather, their whole family rallied to capture beautiful family photos. We even stopped to get a few gorgeous photographs of Kristan and Damien together!!

Rode Family

It’s always so much fun to photograph friends! When Judy asked if I could photograph their whole family Thanksgiving weekend while their kids were in town, of course I said yes! We planned just the right time to go to Shevlin Park for their session. It was after the snow and before the rain came, although we did have some sprinkles during their session, thank goodness for umbrellas. Everyone looks so good and we had fun together. I love the red tones they chose to wear!


Rivas Family

The last time I photographed this family we all had fun, but it was a very cold and windy day in Redmond which made it tough to get these kiddos to smile. Luckily we chose the first real snow day in Bend this year for their family photography session. It was sunny and beautiful! We laughed, we played and we even had a fun snow ball fight to end the session. And the best part? I even got a few smiles out of the kiddos this time. Yay!

Avery Family

Families often come together to celebrate, but it’s rare when a family gets to celebrate multiple milestones together. That was just the case for the Avery family who came together in Sunriver, Oregon this summer. Their family celebrated a 50th, 20th and 10th wedding anniversary! Wow!

I absolutely love family reunion sessions where we can get amazing family group portraits with everyone and we can do little mini sessions of each family. This time, I made sure we spent a little extra time with each couple too! Everyone needs amazing portraits on a milestone anniversary right? My favorite part of this session was when Mom and Dad brought out their wedding photo from 50 years ago to get a photo with it. So great!


Ata’s 80th Birthday

Family Photography Session

Sunriver, Oregon

This family was so much fun to photograph!

Occasionally I get calls last minute for family sessions. I totally get it being something you want to plan to, but with all the fun of being on vacation, you just forget. When this family called, I was able to fit them into the schedule for a quick family session down in Sunriver, Oregon. I am so glad it worked out! They are seriously one of my favorite groups to have photographed so far.

I met them at one of my favorite locations, down by the river, and we got shooting. I love getting the big family portraits out of the way when there are little kids around just in case they break down crying. In this case, the kids kept on smiling so it allowed us to get all the portraits done within 25 minutes and we spent the next 20 minutes just playing and having fun.

The whole reason for this session was to celebrate Ata. For his 80th birthday, he wanted to be surrounded with his family. He kids even brought out wine for a special toast. Not only do I love that I was able to document this time for him, I also LOVE all the amazing fun candids and sweet snuggles we captured of their family.

Happy 80th birthday Ata! You have an amazing family!

Lucas Family

Shevlin Park is one of my favorite places to photograph families. There are so many options right at the parking lot, which makes it super easy to get a ton of variety in a short amount of time. For the Lucas family, with little 5 year old Keagan, I wanted to make sure we didn’t tire him out by running all around to take photos. Instead, we chose Shevlin Park and we easily got a ton of beautiful photos for their family. My favorite part of their session was focusing on the sweet relationship between brother and sister. Are they not the cutest? their photos were perfect for their holiday card this year and their 20×30 wood print looks amazing hanging in their living room!

Lundeen Family

The Lundeen family came to Central Oregon to celebrate 20 years of marriage! Being a photographer herself, Denise went on a search for a professional photographer she knew she could trust. I always feel so honored when photographers love working with me and are super excited to get their amazing photos back. It was no different for Denise. Not only did we make their session super fun and easy (even with two tweens), but she LOVED her photos! Anniversary sessions are so much fun. I can’t wait for our own 10 year anniversary session this year!

Zellerhoff Family


Baby Isla & Family

I love photographing this family! It is a such a blessing to have a beautiful friends who have silly and super photogenic kids. And now there is a baby girl added to the mix! It was such a joy to have fun with these guys jumping on the bed and laughing while still capturing the joy and love for their sweet little Isla.

Wills Family Reunion

Sunriver Resort, Oregon

One smokey August day I met the Wills family in Sunriver, Oregon at the Sunriver Resort for their family reunion photography session. We had a ton of fun photographing their family, capturing natural portraits of their group. The smoke even made the sun glow red and reflect off the water, creating a subtle softness and beautiful atmosphere.

Welker Family Reunion

Sunriver Resort, Oregon

Jeff and Peggy celebrated 45 years of marriage with their kids and grandkids this year at the Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon this summer. It is so encouraging to see couples happily in love after 45 years together. Jeff and Peggy couldn’t stop smiling throughout their session. Their joy for each other and for life was contagious.

Not only did we capture beautiful family portraits of each of their kids families, but we also got some great images of their grandkids being as cute as can be. Their highest priority was to get a few casual family portraits of their whole gang to hang above their fireplace and we definitely did that. I couldn’t resist getting a few portraits of the happy couple too. I love the combination of canvas prints and framed barn wood print that we created for the home. Now they can remember this joyful time everyday.


A Perfect Birthday Gift

Sunriver, Oregon

This Southern California family flew up to Central Oregon to stay for a week at the Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon in honor of their mom’s birthday. As a special birthday gift they bought a gift certificate for a family reunion photography session. This family has a house on the golf course in Sunriver and was so excited to have photos of their family at this special location.

One of my favorite things about this group was the perfect color combination they chose. The bright colors popped but also blended well together. I did my best to capture beautiful fun candids and casual lifestyle portraits to really represent this casual group’s personality.

They had a lot of fun and even took some silly faces photos. Although my favorite part of the session was dad playing Weird All to calm the baby down. You can’t totally tell, but she was crying the whole time. Overall, it was the perfect birthday gift for mom and they loved the photographs.


A Gathering Of Friends

Sunriver Resort, Oregon

This group has been coming together for a week of family fun for several years at the Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon. Each year they gather to swim at the SHARK, play games and simps spend time together. The women in this group have been friends since college, before any of them were married. They are now each celebrating 50 plus years of marriage with one member sadly missing form the group. Meeting at their house for the family reunion photography session was perfect. We were able to use the large area being the house with natural landscapes for their session. What made it even better was that those not being photographed sipped wine and tasted cheese on the patio while waiting for their turn. This group of friends wanted to remember this time and the fun they’ve had now and for years with a large group photo, individual family photos and generational photos.