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Eldridge Family

What I love about the Eldridge family is how much they remind me of my own. Our boys are almost the same age and they all have as much fun together as my crew. I met Lydia and her boys at Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura, California for their family photography session. The boys and I chatted about rattle snakes, lizards and coyotes as we walked into the valley. I love that being a boy mom means I can relate to kids on all levels.

The sun was a little high still when we started the session which meant I had to adjust my angles to make sure we had great light and a little bit of glow. We had fun playing games, running around, and just letting the boys be boys.

Eldridge family,

Thank you for playing, having fun, and letting me capture these memories of your beautiful family! I can’t wait to watch your kids grow and photograph you again in the future.

-Kellianne Jordan

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