Ventura Beach Family Photography

Katz Family

I photographed Caity and her family last fall and we all had so much fun that Caity wanted to bring her extended family in on the fun! She gifted her mom a mini session for Mother’s Day. Everyone came well prepared and ready to listen which made it possible to capture all the same shots we would have done in an extended family session.

I love the setting (the beach a block from my house), the lighting was perfect and they did an exceptional job coordinating their outfits with the colors of the location. When this happens, the images look like a painting in the end.

Katz family,

It was so great to meet the rest of the crew and to have fun throughout our 30 minutes together. Despite the beach tar, I think we captured some amazing memories, beautiful portraits, and fun photos of all of you together. Happy Mother’s Day (and almost Father’s Day!).

-Kellianne Jordan

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