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Hornstrand Family

After speaking to Stephanie over the phone, I knew that I would be the perfect fit as their new family photographer. Not only do they love my photography, but I have a lot of experience working with Autistic kids as well as kids with downs syndrome. Two of my closest friends have kids who face these challenges and I’ve been photographing them since birth. In fact, photographing them has helped me develop skills with all kids during photo sessions that keep them engaged and excited to participate in the session.

This session was no different. This young man was an absolute delight to work with. He was adorable and stayed engaged the whole time. We even did photography for 45 minutes after planning to be done closer to 25 minutes in. Stephanie and I just weren’t sure how long he would last, but he did great! I had him running, jumping, exploring, and even helping me take photos. I truly think he had a just of good of a time as I did.

I met their family at a trail head in Westlake Village for their family photography session. Stephanie had used this location in the past and knew her son would enjoy being back. It worked perfect! Even though the California fires had gone through recently, the big oak trees still stood and made for an epic background. I love the photos at the end with the family sitting on the giant fallen piece of the oak tree.

I’m so excited to deliver these images. I love everything about them!

Hornstrand Family,

Thank you for being patient, playing and letting me create these images for you. Your family was lovely to work with and I can’t wait to take more photos of you in the future!

-Kellianne Jordan

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