When it’s time to say goodbye…

Family Pet Photography

When your best friend’s cat is too sick to go on, you drop everything to take photos of them together, one last time.

Sometimes photos are the last piece that we have of those we love. In most cases, when I’m photographing families, I think about capturing the joy of them together and not about life that can be taken away at any moment. 

This session was about capturing the joy, while knowing that it would be the last time. 

I added in portraits and closeups of those sweet little parts, just like I would with a newborn… The sweet little whiskers and paws… Those beautiful glowing eyes. These are the photo shoots I love to do for people because I know how important they are. 

Sean, my friend in these photos, and I lost another friend this week. Our friend, Mike was one of my closest friends in college. We spent so much time laughing together and creating memories, and yet I only hold those in my mind. This was before cell phones made it easy to get photos of everything you do. It was before we could capture every moment of our lives. So I do not have photos of us together.

It made me me see how precious photography is. 

I am so happy that I could be there to take these precious photos for my sweet friends. May your kitty live forever in your hearts, memories and photos.

-Kellianne Jordan 

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