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Erika Mobine

Erika is a registered dietitian, who also teaches cooking classes. She’s such an amazing person! I felt like we were instant friends from the moment she first emailed me about setting up a brand photography session for her new business. We ended up having a blast at her session and captured way more images than we thought possible! Erika was supposed to only have 100 images, but I gave her over 200 because I just couldn’t decide. 88 of the branded photos are in this post!

When Erika first reached out, she was thinking she really just needed one or two headshots to get her new website up and running. Then, as she started thinking about social media and blogging, she changed to a full brand photography package to capture more of her life and her in action. We also captured a ton of fruit and vegetable “product” shots to help her share about them even more.

My favorite part was when we brought her little daughter in for a few minutes! I love family photography and especially working with kids and she was a delight. Actually, she listened and followed direction so well that I think she could make a career out of acting and modeling. We hadn’t planned on putting her in the images, but I casually mentioned it at the start of the session. Erika loved the idea so she had her mom pull her out of preschool and bring her home. It was so perfect!!

All in all, this may have been one of my favorite sessions of all time. Great people, great location, and lots of fun!


I love your images so much!! I can’t wait to see them on your website and in social media. You are a rock star and I know you are going to have so much success in this new career. Thank you again for choosing me to be your photographer. I feel so blessed 🙂

-Kellianne Jordan

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