Aspen Lake Golf Course, Oregon Wedding

Maya + Shane

Venue: Aspen Lakes Golf Course / Hair: Avalon Salon / Bridal Boutique: Bella Brides / Brides Shoes: Nordstrom / Bride’s Ring: Marx Jewelers / Groom’s Ring: Etsy: Think Engraved

“Marriage means the world to me and Shane. It is a stance on our future. We are so excited about our future and have tons of plans. I hope we will get a house that we can design and add personal touches to make it a home. I hope we continue to support and grow with each other. I hope we can have any more cats in the future, especially like Twoods! I hope we can eventually have children. I would hope we can continue to grow our dreams and continue to be silly together. I hope for more time with my adventure buddy and the best health and possibilities for our future together! I hope we take time out to celebrate each other and ourselves as a unit! It means possibilities and standing by my best friend through all that life has to offer!” – Maya

Maya and Shane make each other laugh any chance they get. They are sweet and totally in love. They love to surprise each other with little gifts and love notes. Shane surprised Maya one day with yellow roses and Cheeze-Its while Maya continues to switch out love notes on his desk. They are simply adorable!

When I asked to hear all the juicy details of their engagement here is what Maya told me. “always spread my arms and close my eyes to take big deep breaths of sea air when I’m at the coast. I was facing the waves and told him to do the same. I said, “this would be a great place to get engaged.” What would turn out to be a final hint that I wanted to be engaged. I turned around and he was on one knee. I was stunned. Completely taken aback and immediately started tearing up. I asked, “are you serious?” Shane asked, “will you marry me?” I didn’t even say yes just went to him and hugged him. I held out a very shaky hand to get my ring and couldn’t stop making a noise between a sop, an excited shriek, it sounded almost like a dolphin. I’d never made that noise before. His parents ended up being there to film it!!!”

Maya is a true artist in every sense of the word, so she put her personal stamp on everything. Literally too by creating a custom stamp for their wedding invitations. She also created her own something old, something borrowed and her own centerpieces for the reception. Her something old includes antique lockets she found and then she added love notes to them and placed them on her bouquet. They both even made hand-made gifts for each other on their wedding day.

Maya and Shane,

Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful memories for you. It’s always an honor to photograph for another artist. I wish you two many years of beauty, romance and joy! – Kellianne

“I love having artistic touches in our lives and I want it to be a personal and special ceremony. I had my art mentor Totem Shriver carve us a wooden box to put love letters in each year. I’d love to have our two letters put into the box during our ceremony. I’d love to have it mentioned that each anniversary we will read our past letters and add new letters to the box.” – Maya

I’ve never seen a bride and groom enter their first dance at the end of the ceremony, but these two wanted to capture this special dance between them right away. I absolutely love it!

Since it was a windy day and the bride couldn’t have a circle of pedals on the ground around them during the ceremony, the family got creative. They are so much fun!

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