Portland Fall Engagement Photography

Emily + Alex

When searching for a wedding photographer, Emily said the she wanted someone who can capture the genuine love and fun of their day! It’s what she saw in my work and why she chose me as her photographer. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

This last year was full of changes for our family. This meant I was not able to photograph Emily and Alex’s engagement session like we had planned. I’m so bummed I couldn’t be there! Fortunately, I have an amazing photographer on my team who shoots just like me when I can’t be there! Karlee stepped in this time too. I still get to edit the images though, to give them my light and airy look!

One of the things Emily had on her wish list was to capture the fall leaves that they miss so much and don’t get to see in Alabama. Karlee truly took this to heart and captured fall in Portland.

Karlee met Emily and Alex at Cathedral Park in Portland on a very rainy, fall day. Karlee was concerned about photographing them in the rain and didn’t want the images to be dreary, but I told her that I knew she would make it magical for them… and she totally did!

These photos not only show their love, but how much fun they have together. I feel like I know Emily and Alex a little more now because of how beautifully Karlee captured them!

Emily and Alex,

I can’t wait to meet you guys in person! You two are so cute and genuinely happy. It is so evident in these photos how much you love each other. I’m so glad we were able to work out this engagement session for you and I can’t wait to photograph you myself on your wedding day!

-Kellianne Jordan

Want to know how I edited these photos?

Using my Style Course presets! You can buy them and a course on how to use them to create your own uniques fine art look here: http://education.kelliannejordan.com/courses

Here’s a before and after of the editing process:


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