Santa Cruz Beach Engagement

Anna + Josh

Anna and Josh love visiting the beach with their dog. Even though they live a ways away, the beach has always been special to them, so why not take engagement photos there? This little stretch of sand in Santa Cruz was the perfect spot!

We ran through the sand, splashed around the waves and even scared away some birds. It was so much fun to be able to go to a new location and spend time getting to know a new couple.

One thing that always makes me smile is when my couples say they are super awkward on camera. Because I know they won’t look that way in their photos (at least not in all of them). Sometimes feeling awkward and leaning into it is okay. You end up having more fun than you thought you could, which results in real moments and genuine smiles.

Anna and Josh,

I LOVE your images! You two were so much fun to get to know. I can’t wait to hang out with you on your wedding day to capture your laughter and joy. I hope you can see by these engagement photos, just how photographic you really are when you are just being you. Enjoy!


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