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Sierra, Writer

Sierra is an incredible person with so much energy. She also has a softer, subdued side that allows her to truly retreat into the minds of the characters she puts to life on paper. Sierra is a screenwriter and author. Her female leads are powerful characters filled with depth and intrigue, much like Sierra herself.

Having spent the last year focusing on her writing, Sierra decided to set aside a few hours for herself. With hair and makeup expertly done (seriously, it was done by a makeup artist from General Hospital), we were ready for at home photos.

Sierra’s small and totally beautiful kitchen was filled with light and perfect for her branding photography session. It was mainly perfect because this is the area she finds inspiration and writes. This spot in her home fills her with life, which she puts directly back into her scripts.

Before the session, I met with Sierra at her home to figure out what she wanted from the session, and needed from the session. We also picked out her wardrobe for the day and planned where the photos would be taken in her home. These planning sessions are key for getting the images right and making sure we are on the same page.

These photos are serving as headshots and story telling portraits to not only help her get her name out there, but to show all sides of who she is… and they are perfect.


Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful photos for you! You are an amazing person and friend. I’m so glad I was able to share my skills with you so everyone can see how stunning you are!


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