Did you miss it? I was a guest speaker on IG…

Getting more engagement on Instagram!

In case you missed it, Tori Sikkema had me co-host an IG live!

I love to talk about marketing and when it comes to IG engagement, I have a few extra tips about how to look professional and get more engagement!

Tori asked some great questions. Here’s a preview of what you missed: 

— Tori: “What is the best way to get more engagement on IG?”

Kellianne: “Engaging with your followers. One of the best ways to get people engaged with your biz is to let them see your face.  People want to connect face to face. They want to know who you are and that you are a real person.”

Tori: “What is the best way to go about capturing those professional images of you showing your process?”

Kellianne: “When you have professional photos, you look more trustworthy and like you’re not doing this business in your garage. Hire a pro who can help you tell the story your followers want to see, which helps you connect with them.

— Tori: “How often should you post photos of you?

Kellianne: “At least one in 9 should be your face. Look at your feed and make sure they can always see two photos of you in the 15. I’ve noticed that the more I post photos of me, the more people comment and like my photos, which boosts my visibility.”

Tori: “What do you suggest people post in the captions with their photos to be brand focused?

Kellianne: ‘Being brand focused is about sharing what you do as well as welcoming people into your world. I would suggest posting a welcome message once a month so they know where they’ve landed when they come to the feed.

You can also share personal posts that go deeper into who YOU are – not necessarily your business, but showing who you are so they connect deeper, this can be a hobby, family life, really anything. Stories are also really important when it comes to building a connection. 

Finding 3 story lines that you can be focused on and talk about with your followers. Make sure you communicate this to your photographer, so she can find creative ways to photograph what you are communicating.”

Kellianne: Tori, What does this look this when you photograph your clients?

Tori: “I have a process I go through with my clients before the session to find out who the person is behind the brand and to understand the brand identity. 

I had a client, Rose, who is a holistic coach.  She wanted to communicate that she has medical diagnostic background and has a lot of knowledge in the medical field. So we made sure to photograph her in her lab coat and at work – so the behind the scenes of what she does. 

We also wanted to photograph her living out what she practices with holistic cooking. This looks like her in the kitchen with food and actually cooking.

We wanted to show where she goes to recharge. She loves the beach – so we photographed her at the beach. We want to humanize who she is beyond what she does.”

Kellianne: “IG is important. Having branded images is such a great way to connect with followers and better engage with them.” 

Tori:What do you think is the one thing people should take away from today?

Kellianne: “Showing your face and looking professional. That professional part of it is really important.”

Tori: “Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen some bad images on Instagram that we know doesn’t represent the brand. Don’t let that be you!” 

Kellianne: “I hope you are getting your face out there! If you need professional images of you, hire someone to take them! I just did this and the photos are beautiful.”

If you want a photographer who specialize in photographing creative women contact me! CONTACT ME

If you are on the East Coast, reach out to Tori: https://torisikkemaphotos.com/

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