The uncomfortable truth about being on camera…

Branding Photography and why you need it.

When was the last time you stepped in front of the camera to let people know who is behind the business?

I know, it’s intimidating to put yourself out there, but you’ve got to do it! 

People want to know who you are. They want to see your face.

They want to know who is behind the business. In fact, the more you post images of you and tell your story, the more people connect with who you are and what you do. More connection = more bookings/sales. 

This is where branding photography can change your business. Showing image of who you are, what you do and you behind-the-scenes allows people to see you as a professional while getting to know who you really are.

Here’s the thing, you must look like a pro to be treated like one. Have you ever heard someone say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Same goes for showing photos of you on your Instagram and Website, because these days, that’s typically the only place people will see you until they hire you.

If you are struggling to get people to book with you, buy your product and engage with your feed, maybe take a look at how you are presenting yourself to the world. A simple change in showing yourself as a pro through clean, branded images makes a huge difference. In fact, it could be the one thing holding you back.

Think about it… have you ever come across a website or Instagram feed to see a ton of candid iPhone photos and the person claiming to be running a business? Maybe they filled their feed with title cards and fun sayings with a combination of super casual on-the-go photos? Did you trust them? Did you want to buy from them? What if you only saw iPhone photos on a website? Would you buy their product?

There is nothing wrong with casual iPhone photos. In fact, I encourage them! But they have a place. They are best shown once per month if you are posting every other day and 2x per month if posting every day, as long as you combine them with professional images too. Showing iPhone casual photos more than this in your feed will take away your professional look and may prevent people from trusting you. Of course, showing casual images in your stories everyday is great! 

Ventura Branding Photography

So let’s talk about what branding photography images you need to capture to show yourself as a pro:

  • Images that show your personality 
  • Images that look professional so people think of you as a pro
  • Great headshots
  • You in your environment
  • You at work
  • You behind the scenes
  • Close ups of you with your products/tools you use

It’s that simple. The right photographer will know exactly what you need to show off what you do, why you do it and more importantly: who you are.

When to post branded images of you? At least 2 out of every 15 should be your face. If you are a coach or influencer, it will be at least 3 out of every 9. Influencers may need to show their own face in at least half the photos.

If you are an influencer, showing images of you all the time is a must. Did you know that if your photos look professional, you can triple your following? Why not take it to a new level? Influences with more followers make more money. It’s literally your job to show yourself off, so why not do it right? It’s easy to capture images once per month to have a wide variety of professional branded photographs to mix in with casual images. 

Photographers: it seems easy to be a photographer and just aim the camera toward yourself, and it totally can be. I’d also encourage you to have another photographer take some of you.  As photographers, we know that only a pro can get the angle just right to be both flattering and showing your personality. So why not hire a pro? 

I just stepped in front of the camera and the photos are amazing! I really can’t wait to show them off. (Normally, I hate photos of me!)

So, make sure you are showing up as a professional so people can know, like and trust you. Branding photography gives you the freedom to show yourself off to grow your business. Why wait to push your business forward? 

Contact me today to book your branding photography session. 

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