The Evolution of the Wedding Album

Did anyone else see The Bachelor: Where Are They Now show earlier this week? Yes, I do like to watch The Bachelor, despite the fact that my husband always leaves the room when I turn it on. Anyway, I was watching the recap show in preparation for Sean and Catherine’s wedding this weekend. I loved that they showed the others who’ve gotten married and their wedding albums. I always love looking at wedding albums. When the first bachelor couple to get married, Trista and Ryan, opened their album I saw that it was a traditional matted album. Wow! I haven’t seen one of those in years! I started thinking about the evolution of wedding albums and how far we’ve come in just a decade.

I started my journey in the wedding industry in 2005 at a wedding photography and videography studio in Southern California. At that time, digital cameras where better than ever and were taking over the wedding industry. Those oh-so-traditional matted wedding albums were still very popular. Although many were made all in black, some of the albums still had that 1970’s look with the white leather cover and gold trim. I still can’t believe that was the standard for over 30 years.

Eventually, more and more brides began to choose the digitally printed Flush Mount albums with thick pages. They even had the option of leather or cloth as their cover. Back then we would design albums with photos all over the place, like a collage, taking full advantage of the new digital age. Instead of 1 to 2 matted images on each page, they could get 5+ images on the new digitally printed pages. Brides loved those albums, but I have to admit I’m glad we’ve evolved since then.

Now, brides have all sorts of fun wedding albums to choose from. They are no longer stuck with leather or cloth as a cover of their album. They can choose from glass, metal, canvas, photos or pretty much any combo of these to get the look they want.  They even have the option of a Coffee Table Album with soft luster photo pages.

I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. The wedding albums we make now have simple contemporary designs for a fresh and fun feel that highlight the images on the inside and show off the bride’s unique style on the outside. It is so much fun to be able to sit with a bride and design the perfect album just for her. I love our albums now, but I can’t wait to see what awesome new albums the future will bring.

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