Foxtail Bakeshop, Bend, Oregon

Are you looking for a simple, modern and yummy cake for your wedding? I had the pleasure of seeing the new location for Foxtail Bakeshop this week. The new storefront is clean, fresh and modern with a twist, just like pastry chef Nickol Hayden-Cady’s cakes.

Nickol has worked under some of the most amazing chef’s in New York, Seattle, California, London and Oregon. After spending two years in Portland as the executive pastry chef and consultant for Papa Haydns’, she decided to move back to Bend, Oregon to open her own shop.

Her new family owned bakeshop needed a name that reflected her passion in life. Baby Foxtail is what Nickol and her husband called their little boy before he was born so she decided it was the perfect name for their new bakeshop.

Fresh and modern with a touch of nature is how Nickol describes her cakes. Every cake seems to be inspired by nature in some way. The frosting dripping down perfectly is like water dripping down your window as it rains. Moss, feathers, flowers and other small details add charm and a natural element to each cake. The designs are clean and simple and yet incredibly detailed. I love the creativity in each piece. Each cake is not just a cake, but a work of art.

She is known for her simply beautiful wedding cakes, but she also makes delicious Valentines Day cakes, birthday cakes, and other smaller special occasion cakes. She loves creating beautiful things for people to enjoy. Foxtail Bakeshop was featured this month at Ceylon Blu during Art Walk. Stop by Ceylon Blu anytime to see Nickol’s display cakes and take a peek at her cake book to see her delicious works of art.

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