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How to support the ones you love…

Hi Friends!

I’m Kellianne, a wedding and portraits photographer. I am a small business owner, entrepreneur, wife, mom and so much more. While I already work from home, my business requires me to be with people (since that’s what I photograph).

My business, like so many others has been effectively shut down do to social distancing for the Covid-19 virus. I will not go out of business, but I also can’t work right now. Even though I know I can photograph clients with social distancing rules in place, I’m okay with not because I want to do whatever I can to keep people like my mom and dad safe.

But here’s the thing, many small businesses will be forced to shut down during this time. I’ve seen so many amazing people in our community come together to support small businesses so far, so let’s keep doing that!

While many businesses need money right now to survive, especially the food industry, there is only so much money you can spend to help your favorite businesses.

There are so many ways to support small businesses without giving money. Here are a few…

Buy Something

Okay, this is the money one 🙂 If you have the funds, please buy 1 thing each day from one of your favorite small businesses. This will help keep them going so you can buy more from them in the future.

If you’ve ever thought about having family photos taken or a headshot, I’d love for you to buy from me. The session will not expire and will have flexible scheduling. Also, anyone who buys a session now will get priority booking (yes those precious Saturday slots will be open to you).

Leave a Google Review

If you’ve used my services in the past, a great way to help my business at this time is to leave a Google Review. You can use this link to directly access my Google Review page: Click to add a Google review!

These reviews are used by Google to rank us in Google search. Every review helps bring in more business. Every review is like cash in hand for my business.

Follow Us

Follow us on Instagram. I recently split up my Instagram account into the 3 categories that I photograph. If you don’t already follow me, please follow the one you love or all three. It really does help!

Families: https://www.instagram.com/kellianne_jordan/

I will soon be showing amazing projects you can do with your kids as well as giving tips for getting great photos on your own. I hope this will become my main Instagram feed where I can keep investing in the amazing families I get to work with!

Weddings: https://www.instagram.com/kelliannejordanphotography/

I use this feed to not only show off my beautiful brides and their creative and personal weddings, but also to support my fellow small business owners in the wedding industry. I love being able to share about our marriage too! My goal is to create a place where my brides can be a community, learning how to have strong and healthy marriages.

Headshots: https://www.instagram.com/kjheadshots/

My goal is to show off those awesome headshots we take in the studio and around town. I also love to highlight working professionals and share what they love to do and who they are! If you’ve had you headshot taken by me, please follow this feed. I’ll be posting fun ideas on how to use your headshot as well as tips for taking casual photos of yourself on the go.

Leave a Comment

Hang out on the blog and leave little comments on posts. This helps too!


Lastly, share our website, Instagram feed, blog posts and FB posts with your friends.

Thank you so much for supporting your favorite small businesses! We’ve already seen so much support in our community. I feel so blessed to be around such amazing people!


Kellianne Jordan

Courtney + Bryan

Not often do events mean as much to me as this one. My sister is finally engaged!! Courtney and her fiance held an elegant and fun, garden engagement party, thrown by Bryan’s mom. The fun went on and on. People stayed and partied with the guests of honor for about 8 hours!!! It was so amazing to be surrounded by the absolute most important people in their lives. Of course, we were missing a ton of family on both sides and friends, but if everyone they love was there, then it would have been the entire wedding guest list. It was a great day of Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and true LOVE! I’m so incredibly happy for these two and I can’t wait for the wedding day!

Everyone had so much fun!! I know this may seem like a totally random image to add into the mix, BUT it’s SOOO my family. My aunt is trying to take an amazing photo while my cousin is goofing around making his classic silly faces. My dad and two uncles, undoubtedly just got finished singing a song together and are laughing, having fun and waiting for my aunt to take a pic while someone else takes a photo of her (that’s me). Seriously, I think we have countless photos of someone in my family taking a photo of someone else taking a photo. So classic!! Plus I love that everyone is just being themselves and having fun.

Caleb’s 5th Birthday

This is by far my favorite party we’ve ever thrown! If this Candyland game board didn’t take up my whole living room, I’d keep it forever!

When Caleb expressed interest for months about having a Candyland themed birthday party, I finally gave in and started planning. I knew the best way to really capture the spirit of the Candyland game was to create a real life version of the game board for the kids to be in. Boy was I right! It was some serious fun. And all for only $170 (I added a few extra treats that burst my normally $150 budget).

Caleb absolutely loved his birthday party! It was amazing!! It was super special because his aunt and all his grandparents came up from California to be there for him. I’m so grateful I was able to give this gift to my sweet boy.

We had to have an epic entrance to the game! I drew these on white paper and attached them to constructions paper. The game board was made out of sticky foam pieces that stuck to the ground so the kids wouldn’t slip.

We even included game pieces that sent them back! We mixed the old with the new version of the game since Caleb loves both so much! Here’s Lord Licorice’s Lavatory.

They ended the game in Caleb’s Candy Castle. It was full of candy, ice cream and cotton candy.

Candy hearts, rainbow treats, a cotton candy maker and a chocolate fountain- every kids dream!

The chocolate swamp was made out of card board taped to the wall and counter. I added a little brown and white crayon to give it some texture.

The gumdrop mountains and giant gum ball machine may have been my favorite part of the party! We filled the gum ball room with balloons so the kids felt like they were actually in a real gum ball machine.

We had a gingerbread shaped marble came that ended up being perfect for this party!

Aren’t my kiddos cute?

I framed a game board for added decor!

I couldn’t make a full peanut brittle house so we added a peanut brittle slide.

My sweet little Noah loved his marshmallow stick!

Oh the lollipop forest! These little foam pieces did not come off.

This giant candy castle was fairly easy to make. I like to look in my garage for random stuff that I can turn into decorations. This was cardboard, some of the sticky foam that we used for the game board we also used for sprinkles, and then we took a little paint to some cotton fluff (use spray paint!)

These candy pieces are just paper plates wrapped in tissue paper.

Pin the cherry on the cupcake!

I cream cone toss! I covered cones with brown construction paper and drew cones lines one them. Then we used candy cone paper plates and cut out the centers for rings.

Somehow we made this little cute cake.

Grandpa with ALL the kids!

A happy kid after a party filled with imagination and love!


Have I told you that I love to teach? I host Mom’s With Camera’s workshops all the time! The most fun is when someone hosts in their own home and it becomes a fun filled wine and raffle night where moms and dads learn how to take photos of their kids. This one was hosted by a friend of mine and was filled with beautiful moms, mostly from my bunco group! We raffled off awesome photo prizes as I taught the technical and creative sides of photography. I think you can really see how much fun we all had! If you’d like to host or attend a class at my studio, contact me!

I’m so excited for our new studio space in downtown Bend, OR. It was a lot of hard work but it looks great. By the way, I did make the tables from scratch. And the awesome table legs came from a local welder.

Saturday we went to the farmers market in town and had a blast working on this color project. This is a great photo project to see things in a new way – just based on color. It helps kids learn and identify colors around them too. This entire project was done using my iPhone. Learn more fun photo projects and photo tips at the Moms With Cameras workshop. www.kelliannejordan.com/workshops