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Christy + Charlie

This family is seriously amazing! Christy and Charlie have a very full life – full of cuddles, joy and tons of love! And it’s totally contagious. Every time I’ve gone to their home and spent time with their family, I leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything. It may be surprising to be energized after wrangling quadruplets, but I thrive in chaos, which may be one reason why I love photographing this family of seven.

One day before their 10th anniversary, Christie decided that a celebration was needed. 24 hours later, they held this beautiful vow renewal to celebrate. I’m so impressed with how quickly she got everything together and I’m so happy I could be there to document this special event for their family. I know the kiddos are maybe too young to remember it fully. I hope they can look back at these photos and see how amazing their parents are! Even with a move to Oregon and tons of chaos in their lives, they still find ways to celebrate their love. And maybe more importantly, they still love each other fully like when they first met.

Christy and Charlie,

I’m so happy that you held this event even in the midst of a quarantine. It is so important, maybe more than ever before, to do things like this. You’ve reminded me of how special each anniversary is. I hope you continue to show your kids how much the two of you love each other. May this year be filled with more joy than the 10 before!


As part of the vow renewal they wanted to sit as a family in a circle to tell each other how much they love each other. It was such a sweet moment!

2020 Banquet for Pack 18

This week was our pack blue and gold banquet. I always feel honored to be asked to take a few photos at events. Of course I was happy to be there for the kids. It’s a big night for those Cub Scouts moving up to be Boy Scouts and for those that received the Arrow Of Light. I don’t even know all the kids but I still feel so proud of what they’ve achieved. Caleb has only been part of the pack for 2 years and has done so much. I can’t imagine how it feels to be the parents of the kid who has completed the tasks to get to where these kids are. I hope the kids are as proud of themselves as I bet their parents are.

The night went so well and actually finished pretty much on time – a huge accomplishment for those who planned it! There were funny skits, amazing awards and most importantly to the boys, cake and ice cream to celebrate.

Here’s my mom in action! We are fully a Cub Scout family now that my. mom works for the organiztion.

My helpful little Caleb passing out nut order forms.

Oh, the skits! All the kids that did skits were great! I knew what was coming with a few of them and they still managed to make me laugh. So much fun! And if you’ve ever tried to build a pyramid with boys, you know that this was a big win!

Special awards were handed out all night long. I even got a badge (although I’m not sure what it was for – I’m still new around Cub Scouts).

Check out the detail on the Arrow of Light award. One of the dads, Patrick, blessed these kids with these hand made beautifully detailed awards. He couldn’t make it to the event to see them accept them so I tried to take a bunch of photos for him. They really are amazing and he even went out of his way to make sure they had the right colors on them for each of the achievements that boys did (again, I’m not sure I’ve got the technical words down, so forgive me. Hopefully you get what I’m saying and can see the awesome effort Patrick put into these).

These Cub Scouts walked over the bridge to become Boy Scouts. They signed their names to the bridge after to officially be Boy Scouts!

Congrats again to all the scouts who got awards and moved up!

Courtney + Bryan

Not often do events mean as much to me as this one. My sister is finally engaged!! Courtney and her fiance held an elegant and fun, garden engagement party, thrown by Bryan’s mom. The fun went on and on. People stayed and partied with the guests of honor for about 8 hours!!! It was so amazing to be surrounded by the absolute most important people in their lives. Of course, we were missing a ton of family on both sides and friends, but if everyone they love was there, then it would have been the entire wedding guest list. It was a great day of Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and true LOVE! I’m so incredibly happy for these two and I can’t wait for the wedding day!

Everyone had so much fun!! I know this may seem like a totally random image to add into the mix, BUT it’s SOOO my family. My aunt is trying to take an amazing photo while my cousin is goofing around making his classic silly faces. My dad and two uncles, undoubtedly just got finished singing a song together and are laughing, having fun and waiting for my aunt to take a pic while someone else takes a photo of her (that’s me). Seriously, I think we have countless photos of someone in my family taking a photo of someone else taking a photo. So classic!! Plus I love that everyone is just being themselves and having fun.


Celebrating a friend as she becomes a mom for a second time is a blast! We had a small little baby shower to celebrate Jamie and her new little girl. I love the handmade water color signs that her besties Amy and Erin made. It was such a treat to be able to document this special occasion for her!

Amara + Dusty

I can’t believe this sweet little one is already 1 years old! Amara and Dusty really wanted to go somewhere epic that celebrated the nature around us so we chose Smith Rock State Park for their one year old family portraits. The flowers were popping which made the whole area feel beautiful and enchanting. I love all the sweet moments and portraits that we captured! Isn’t the river just stunning?


I love giving baby gifts at showers, but the best extra little gift is being able to document this precious day for the beautiful soon to be first time mom! Kristi is such a beautiful person and so giving so of course I wanted to give back! It was a simple shower and so much fun! 


Have I told you that I love to teach? I host Mom’s With Camera’s workshops all the time! The most fun is when someone hosts in their own home and it becomes a fun filled wine and raffle night where moms and dads learn how to take photos of their kids. This one was hosted by a friend of mine and was filled with beautiful moms, mostly from my bunco group! We raffled off awesome photo prizes as I taught the technical and creative sides of photography. I think you can really see how much fun we all had! If you’d like to host or attend a class at my studio, contact me!

Amy’s Baby Shower

This cute baby shower for Amy’s baby girl, Farrah was simple and cute. The room was decorated with charming pink and gold accents, gold rimmed glasses and rope decor. I love the rope stir sticks in the glasses, too cute! Congrats Amy and baby Farrah!



Great party! I love the unique camp theme. So cute!! We had so much being part of this party and so glad we could capture the awesome day.

You tied the string on the last balloon, frosted the last cupcake, and put out the last of the party gifts. All the hard work, creativity and of course planning has paid off. The guests are about to arrive and there is one last thing to do. No, not checking your lip gloss in the mirror, I’m talking about taking photographs. Before the guests arrive pull out your camera and take a few close-ups of all the details of your party so you can show off your hard work for years to come.

I love photographing parties. This party was especially fun because it was my friend’s daughter’s very 1st birthday. I know how hard it is to play host and photograph your own party, so I was happy to help out my friend. Here are a few things to keep in mind at your next party to make sure you capture all the memories and the fun.

  1. Details! Make sure to take pictures of all your hard work before the guests arrive. This includes photos of the food, cake, presents and anything else you want to remember.
  2. Action! Once the guests have arrived, make sure to take a few photos of everyone having fun and interacting with each other. Take a few on the dance floor and don’t forget about blowing out the candle on the cake. These candid shots are so much fun to look back on.
  3. Smile! Make sure to take a few posed smiling shots with your guests. These make great Facebook posts and sometimes they can even be great wall portraits like the one you see of mom, dad and the birthday girl from this party.

I’m so glad that I was able to photograph baby Blakeley’s 1st birthday party. Without the photos of the handmade garland, gift bags for the kids and personalized bib, Blakeley would never have known how much work her mom put into her 1st birthday.

Mia Bella

From magical marshmallow pops, fairy cakes, face painting and a real live fairy, Mia Bella’s fairy themed birthday party was every little girls fairytale dream come true! It was so much fun to be able to join the Gordon family for this special day to document all the sweet little fun moments. And talk about the details! This party was full of pink fairy details. Stepping into their backyard was like stepping into a fairy wonderland with butterfly wings and glitter absolutely everywhere. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture all the joy and happiness of this special day!

What are little girls made of? Sugar spice and everything pink.

I absolutely love this do-it-yourself 4 year old fairy birthday party. Mom can do a great job with a few little touches and a ton of creativity. The themes here are fairy land and pink everything. Top it off with touches of green like in the Fairy Cakes sign for the vanilla cupcakes, the Magical Marshmellow Pops sign and the strawberry Fairy Drink sign (water with strawberries for a touch of pink).

The Trader Joe’s limeade and pink lemonade were such a simple way to keep the whimsical vibe going while sticking to the simple color theme. I love the added details like the jewelry on the dress stand. Mom can buy these jewelry pieces in bulk to give to all the little fairy guests.

The combination of pink balloons, paper lanterns and tissue paper flowers create a beautiful and fun atmosphere. Who says fake flowers don’t work? They make a great centerpiece on this soon to be kid crowded table. The faux hot pink Gerber daisies are topped with large jewels for extra pizaz.

The best part of this party is the professional fairy brought in to entertain the kids. She provides face painting, arts-and-crafts and fun games.  Her very fairy adaptation to popular kids games is fantastic. Pass the Teacup instead of Hot Potato and Sit on the Mushroom instead of Musical Chairs are two of my favorites and don’t worry, she brings tons of props with her to each party.  She can even bring fairy wands for all the guests, like the one the birthday girl is holding in the bottom picture of her.

Easy, whimsical and fun. I love it!