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Some women in our generation are truly remarkable.  I believe Dawne may be one of them. After 20 years of working in the auto sales industry she is taking things into her own hands and starting a new business. Dawne is changing the way that people buy automobiles. It’s women like Dawne who change the world, one system at a time, and make the world a better place. 

I had an opportunity today to photograph this beautiful Californian woman. She is such a fun girl we had a great time photographing outside and in her house and capturing some really casual fun photos as well as some beautiful naturally lit headshots. It was easy, fun and all these photos really show off who she is. 

I often find that I’ve taken way more photos that I love than I have promised to my client. I’m showing her best 50 images here, but I gave about 3 times that many. I make so much more work for myself by not editing them down, but it’s totally worth it when I can give my client a ton of beautiful photos.


I hope these images help you to see how beautiful you are! I know you are going do amazing things with this new business and I am so thankful to have met you and to be part of your journey. And seriously, let me know if you want to share a bottle of wine around bonfire and do some California dreaming. 


Noah + Caleb

I brought my two sons into the studio after photographing some clients. My little one needed a headshot for his passport so I thought we’d have some fun taking photos of both of them. Here’s what we captured in their 10 minute shoot:

I photographed our insurance guy, Fabian Clark, outside a couple years ago and recently had a chance to update his look. He’s awesome at his job! If you ever need insurance, give him a call!

Bend Oregon Real Estate Agent, Joanna Bell.

I love that she chose such a diverse selection of images to use throughout her marketing campaigns.

We used these photo from our fall photoshoot with our baby Caleb for a calendar that we gave to all the aunts and grandparents for Christmas. April is my favorite month. He looks just like his daddy!

I’m so excited for our new studio space in downtown Bend, OR. It was a lot of hard work but it looks great. By the way, I did make the tables from scratch. And the awesome table legs came from a local welder.

5 Steps to Taking a Great Headshot Portrait of  Your Kid

I love photographing my kid! As a family, we try to find fun new ways to spend time together on rainy days and this day was no exception. While the rain was falling I opened up the garage, set up a backdrop and created a fun place for my son to play while I photographed him. Here are my tips for how you can take great photos of you kids at home too.

  1. A great headshot starts with a great looking child. Make sure your kid is well dressed and groomed. Try to choose clothing that has simple patterns and no large graphics that will distract from the child’s face. Make sure the outfit fits your child well too.
  2. Choose a non-distracting backdrop. It doesn’t have to be a studio backdrop, just something simple and clean. A fence, wall or even a sheet can work great.
  3. Look for clean lighting. Try shooting in shade to minimize the shadows on the child’s face.
  4. To get the child to look at the camera have someone hold an iPhone or mirror next to the camera so the child can see him or herself. This will usually make the child smile too. To get kids to stand still I usually give them something to play with. Try to find something small that goes with the scene. I like leaves and flowers; they are small and non-distracting.
  5. Make sure to get a great closeup shot as well as a full body shot.


Product photos are a must when selling online. These simple images are perfect for their sales. Personally I love the added dimension with reflections I created. 

Gordon Family

You would think we rented a studio for these fantastic family photos, but we took them at their home! They had such beautiful light coming in through their window that it only took a few minutes to move a couch and we were ready for action!