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Britani + Derrick

We headed down to Dana Point for some awesome beach photos today! Little did we know that the skies would open and pour down on us. After capturing a bunch of sunny images, we headed down to the beach in the rain for rainy engagement photos. It’s funny how sometimes the simple things you don’t want, like rain, don’t necessarily ruin the images. In this case these beach engagement portraits were so much more romantic because of the rain. I only wish I had video of Josh desperately trying to cover me as I took photos! 

Kelly + Mike

Who says it needs to be sunset to get amazing photos? Bright and sunny works for me! I love how colorful these images are because of how the water and sea moss reflect the sun. Although my favorite part of this shoot was actually the awesome seal in the background. We started shooting and got all settled in when he hopped up on the rock and totally photobombed us! I just went with it!! 

Vince + Rebecca

I grew up on this beach. I love this beach. And I loved sharing my beach with Vince and Rebecca for their engagement session! We had so much fun hanging out and capturing the simple romance of being at the beach together. 

Sarah + Casey

This couple wanted pure romance at their engagement session and thatʼs exactly what I got them. A simple walk on the beach at sunset with a few romantic kisses! 

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