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Mrs. Hable

Caleb’s super adorable kindergarten teacher is having a baby! She’s such an amazing teacher so I just had to gift a maternity session to celebrate this season. I loved meeting her loving husband! We actually met at one of my favorite spots for photography, the field just behind Mrs. Hable’s classroom. It was beautiful! I love maternity sessions because mom is always glowing but more importantly, these are the last few moments of them as a couple. I think I really captured this beautiful time and I’m so happy we added their fur babies into the photos too!


Amy Maternity-01Amy Maternity-02Amy Maternity-03Amy Maternity-04Amy Maternity-05Amy Maternity-07Amy Maternity-08Amy Maternity-09Amy Maternity-10Amy Maternity-11

I’m so glad I met this family! Not only did I get to photograph Amy’s brother’s wedding less than a month ago at their beautiful house, but we also got to use the land for this awesome backyard maternity session. I love seeing the mountains in the background. Bend, Oregon is an amazing place to raise a family and this couple will have amazing photos of their new baby to love forever.

Mom, son and baby…

I went on a walk by my house in Bend, Oregon and saw this awesome tiny field with 6 foot tall green grass. I instantly thought of how beautiful the green grass would look against my redheaded friend, Kiffany. Kiffany and I set out with all our boys for a mini mother and son (or sons) maternity session. Luckily my two kids fell asleep so I had a chance to focus on Kiffany and Leo as they played in the field together. Kiffany looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to meet baby Ari!

Kiffany Maternity-001Kiffany Maternity-002Kiffany Maternity-003Kiffany Maternity-004

Thank you to John Gross for taking photos of my family and to my husband Josh for taking the other maternity photos of me. I can’t wait to have this little guy!


Alice and I are only a couple days apart on due dates so we decided to do quick maternity sessions of each other in a random little field on the side of the road behind our house. It was so much fun! I took photos of Alice and John and then handed over the camera so John could take photos of us. We had a great time and got some beautiful photos!


Taryn looks so beautiful in these photos! The lace maternity dress really shows off her amazing pregnancy curves. I love how these photos came out and I so excited for her little girl to join us soon!

Sara and her kids gathered together at Drake Park in Bend, Oregon for a portrait session to give as a gift to dad. I love that these photos include baby!

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