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My neighbors had their sweet little baby girl! They came by the studio for a mini session full of newborn photos of sweet baby Alexandra. Isn’t she so precious and just the cutest thing ever? I’m not a newborn photographer, but I just had to make sure they had photos of their third little girl. She’s really something!

Hynes Family

Paul and Ashley finally got their baby boy! I could not be more excited for this family of 3! Wow! They are no longer 2, but 3. It’s refreshing to say. They have been hoping to be a family for so long. It was such an amazing thing to be able to document their new family in their home. I wanted to make sure we captured this special time in a way that brings back these sweet memories years from now. Their lives have been turned upside down over night and I know they are going to forget these moments, so I really hope these images bring back all these joyous feelings when they look at them. I just love capturing lifestyle family photographs like these!  I can’t wait to see how many more memories they have together and I hope I get to be there to capture them! 

Kristen + Family

When Kristen finally had her baby, she wanted nothing more than to document their family in their home. I joined them in their Bend, Oregon family home for their newborn family photography session. We took so many fun photos of the kids together and them as a family. I love being able to show relationships, especially at such a precious time!

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