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Our neighbor, Leona, turned 1! She’s the cutest little thing so her mom decided to take photos of her and plaster them around her birthday party in super fun and creative ways. I love this theme! All About Leona. Babies change so much over the first year so it was great to be able to see those changes through photographs at the party. This part was full of joy, color and love!


Elliot turned two today with an awesome Planes birthday party at a park in Bend, Oregon. We had so much fun hanging out with this crew and watching Elliot and Caleb play together. All the details that Jay put into her sons birthday party were so charming that I had to take photos of them all. I really do love documenting these precious parties! Happy birthday Elliot!


When I don’t know a ton of people, I tend to take a ton of photos. Hanging out with Elise’s fam for her first birthday was so much fun and I absolutely love their family! But I also know how important these sweet memories are to have and to remember so after visiting with the friends I had there, I quickly took to the camera to document the simple at home party.

Mia Bella

From magical marshmallow pops, fairy cakes, face painting and a real live fairy, Mia Bella’s fairy themed birthday party was every little girls fairytale dream come true! It was so much fun to be able to join the Gordon family for this special day to document all the sweet little fun moments. And talk about the details! This party was full of pink fairy details. Stepping into their backyard was like stepping into a fairy wonderland with butterfly wings and glitter absolutely everywhere. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture all the joy and happiness of this special day!


We donʼt get asked all the time to photograph birthday parties, but when our intern Carly, asked if we would photograph her party as a gift, I had to say yes! Sheʼs been so helpful to us and Iʼve had a blast teacher her all I know about photography, so why not gift her some photos?

Carly spent an incredible amount of time making masquerade masks for her sweet 16 masquerade ball. All her friends gathered in their backyard for a fun night of snacks and dancing. You know a party is good when all the teens are having fun for hours without any substance use. I think even the guys had a blast!

We set up a photo booth area for them and captured a ton of fun candid event photos for Carly to remember her amazing sweet 16 party!

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