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Balt Family

The Balt family vacations at Black Butte Ranch every summer and absolutely loves it! They have many spots that they just adore so when they realized that their kids are growing up fast, they decided to stop time with beautiful family photography out at the ranch. We met up and I hopped in their car to drive to all their favorite places for photos. My all time favorite locations are not the most epically beautiful, but those that mean something to my clients. I love when a photo can bring back all the memories of that place they are in. This is exactly what we were going for with the Balt family portraits. We all had so much fun and we not only captured beautiful family portraits but a ton of fun candids to really capture the joy of their family together at Black Butte Ranch. 

Beyer Family

The Beyer family asked me to join them at Black Butte Ranch to document their family as they gather in front of the mountains. Their family was visiting each other for a week and they really wanted to have a few family photos to document their time together at the ranch. I hope I got exactly what they wanted!

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