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Mia Bella

From magical marshmallow pops, fairy cakes, face painting and a real live fairy, Mia Bella’s fairy themed birthday party was every little girls fairytale dream come true! It was so much fun to be able to join the Gordon family for this special day to document all the sweet little fun moments. And talk about the details! This party was full of pink fairy details. Stepping into their backyard was like stepping into a fairy wonderland with butterfly wings and glitter absolutely everywhere. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture all the joy and happiness of this special day!

What are little girls made of? Sugar spice and everything pink.

I absolutely love this do-it-yourself 4 year old fairy birthday party. Mom can do a great job with a few little touches and a ton of creativity. The themes here are fairy land and pink everything. Top it off with touches of green like in the Fairy Cakes sign for the vanilla cupcakes, the Magical Marshmellow Pops sign and the strawberry Fairy Drink sign (water with strawberries for a touch of pink).

The Trader Joe’s limeade and pink lemonade were such a simple way to keep the whimsical vibe going while sticking to the simple color theme. I love the added details like the jewelry on the dress stand. Mom can buy these jewelry pieces in bulk to give to all the little fairy guests.

The combination of pink balloons, paper lanterns and tissue paper flowers create a beautiful and fun atmosphere. Who says fake flowers don’t work? They make a great centerpiece on this soon to be kid crowded table. The faux hot pink Gerber daisies are topped with large jewels for extra pizaz.

The best part of this party is the professional fairy brought in to entertain the kids. She provides face painting, arts-and-crafts and fun games.  Her very fairy adaptation to popular kids games is fantastic. Pass the Teacup instead of Hot Potato and Sit on the Mushroom instead of Musical Chairs are two of my favorites and don’t worry, she brings tons of props with her to each party.  She can even bring fairy wands for all the guests, like the one the birthday girl is holding in the bottom picture of her.

Easy, whimsical and fun. I love it!

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