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Valerie + Shawn

Valerie and Shawn had an amazing wedding in Yorba Linda! Pink and black are such fun colors for a wedding day and create a deeply romantic vibe. How cute is their kid coming down the aisle? 

This wedding was full of adventures. Half my job as a wedding photographer is day of coordination. Obviously I love working with coordinators, but they aren’t always next to the bride when problems arise. I am. So, when the bridal party figured out we were missing a bouquet and the florist couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do anything about it I stepped in. I can’t just sit aside and watch brides freak out, start to tear up and almost ruin the makeup they just finished. Honestly, I couldn’t believe the florist in this case! It was so easy to take a few flowers from each bouquet to make a new one. It only took me 5 minutes. I’m not a florist so one of the bridesmaids had to help me figure it out. Sometimes the best part of my job is just making sure the bride has a relaxing and fun day. Despite the hick-up, their’s was!  

Jessica + Sol

This military country club wedding was nothing short of perfect. With massive views of the rolling hills and perfect glowing skies all day long, it was easy to capture the romance of the day. 

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