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Angie + Leland

Angie and Leland are an amazing couple and so sweet! Josh is actually the head photographer for their wedding, so I asked him to also shoot their engagement session so that they can get to know each other better. They played, laughed and just had so much fun! Josh always brings laughter and joy to photography sessions so it didn’t surprise me to see the beauty and fun in these engagement photos. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

Kira & Dylan

This adorable couple is about to get married this weekend! I was so excited to be able to photograph Kira and Dylan in one of my favorite locations – the woods. I love this special spot because it is in the city limits of Bend, which means it’s super easy to get to, and it’s gorgeous.

We had a lot of fun at their engagement session and they were one of the easiest couples I’ve ever photographed so I know their wedding is going to be great. Congrats!

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