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Spence Family

My sweet friend Ashley gathered with her family in Government Camp near Mount Hood in Oregon to celebrate her sister’s 40th birthday. It was such a special time! I had so much fun getting to know her family better.

We met at the Summit Ski area and headed to the open field near by with a ski lift and views of Mount hood. I’m so glad there was some shade by the near by trees so they weren’t blinded by the sun. We took a bunch of photos in a short amount of time so they could get back to having fun together as a family.

To the Spence family,

These memories are so much fun! Thank you for being great sports about hiking up a hill to the field. It was totally worth it! I hope these memories bring you joy for many years to come!


Orser Family

The Orser family comes to Sunriver every year to celebrate summer. This year, their daughter Emma, was looking to have her senior photos taken in this beautiful place that she loves so much. They reached out to me about a senior session and ended up doing a senior, family and family reunion/extended family session all in one. In about 90 minutes we captured beautiful senior portraits and family memories all in one. I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this family?

The best part was that they got to include their dogs in many of the photos. I love to photograph the bond between fur babies and their humans. It is so special! Toby and Bailey were so playful. They loved discovering the area and even listened and smiled at the camera when they were asked too.

Lori and Jeff are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year so I thought it fitting to give them a few extra couples photos during this session. Every couple needs photos to document these occasions!

To the Orser family,

Thank you so much for laughing with me and having great attitudes throughout your session. I had so much fun getting to know your family and I absolutely love all of the photographs and memories we captured! I’m so excited for you to have these throughout your home to look back on for years to come. Thank you so much!!


I love capturing mom with her babies, even when they are all grown up!

I’m oddly proud of this photo. I held two energetic dogs in one hand and a camera in the other for this photo! I’m so lucky dogs like me and actually listen to me most of the time.

How fun is it that these dogs joined in the smiles and laughter during this image! LOVE it!

Emma loves dogs so this photo was a must!

Gotta have that sibling photo! Plus it felt weird to me to do half the session of Emma and none of her younger brother Ty so I captured a few quick photos of him too.

These two are seriously the cutest! Happy 20th anniversary Lori and Jeff!!

Froomer Family

When I think about the future of family photography, this is what I think. Spending quality time with all the immediate family members (after everyone has quarantined on their own) and celebrating life together. Basically saying, “Covid-19 won’t stop us from loving each other”.

At the end of their week, after a long day, the Froomer family met me in Sunriver for their large family group photos. I love the outfits they chose! Everyone kept it light and airy with perfect color coordination. The pink and blue outfit combination is one of my all time favorites. Despite a little grumpiness, we had a lot of fun.

Knowing that everyone was tired from the week, I raced through their photos, keeping at as easy and lighthearted as possible. Everyone looks happy in the photos and I love how they turned out! We captured so many combinations of family images, plus individual family photos, kid photos, couples photos and even Covid-19 mask photos!

To the Froomer family,

I hope you guys had a truly special time together and that these photos help you remember the joy and love of being with family. Thank you again for allowing me to capture these moments for you!

-Kellianne Jordan

I love this moment! It was totally spontaneous and I think it’s so perfect.

Candid family moments, smiles and photos with the grandparents are always so special!

3 generations of ladies! SO special!!

Because…. Covid-19.

Family Land

When everyone comes together to celebrate Mom and Dad’s new home, you just have to get portraits! Pronghorn Resort is one of the most amazing places to live and building a home their is no easy task. Morgan knew that this is a big deal, so she decided to gift her parents a photography session to capture the joy.

We had a lot of fun playing on the tractor and creating memories in their new space. We even captured a photo at the front door which Morgan thought would be fun to hang in a frame by the front door once it is built.

Typically, I like to create perfect images out in nature without the construction zone. In this case, the construction was what made the memories.

We only spent about 35 minutes photographing these super fun family memories. I even captured a toast at the end!

To Morgan and her family,

It was so much fun to get to know you guys and to celebrate with you! This is such an exciting time. I can’t wait to see the house complete! Thank you again for letting me capture the joy for you.


Such a fun story about their new little pup: all three families have a pup from the same litter! All the dogs get to grow up together. How fun is that?

After opting opt earlier, when Morgan saw the other couples posing she finally decided she wanted couples photos too! Their sweet little girl wanted photos with flowers that matched her outfit – how could I say no!
Because I always wanted a photo of me and my cousins in the country on a pile of tires. I just had to 🙂


Alex came home from Germany a couple weeks before the due date to see Ashley one more time as they prepare for the birth of their first born. Sweet little Palmer knew dad was home as couldn’t wait to meet him. Within 24 hours of Alex arriving, she was born.

My favorite thing about being a photographer is being allowed into the lives of strangers to document the most important moments in their lives. I met Ashley and Alex on their wedding day and have enjoyed every minute of getting to know them sine then!

Last year they came out to Oregon for their maternity session. It was totally epic and amazing. Here’s a link: https://kelliannejordan.com/2019/10/24/sparks-lake-maternity/

With Ashley living on the East Coast, that meant I couldn’t be there for the birth or newborn photos of Palmer, but they decided to visit the West Coast so Grandma and Grandpa could meet her.

Of course we had to capture this special time since they won’t be together very often. Ashley and Palmer live on the East Coast while Alex works in Germany so this photo session really was special. Not only is it documenting Grandma and Grandpa with Palmer, but also Ashley, Alex and Palmer together as a whole family!

Ashley and Alex,

You two are an amazing couple! I know Palmer is going to have an incredible life, where ever you take her. I hope this time doesn’t go too quickly for you and I hope you can cherish every moment. Thank you for letting me capture these images for you. I can’t wait to photograph your family again!


Pfister Family

What a fun family! When your whole family comes to visit and you know it won’t happen again for a long time, that is when you book a photo session. Callie knew that when her niece and nephew came to town that she just had to get adorable photos with the little ones (and of course her parents, brother and sister in law), but we all know the kids steal the show 🙂

These kiddos are so cute! I wish they lived closer so I could photograph those beautiful little faces every year.

Callie and her brother grew up in Bend and even ran into some friends from high school in the middle of our shoot. They are really a great family. With Callie’s dad getting more unable to move around, these family photos are more valuable than ever before. What was so great was that Callie was able to borrow an amazing off-road wheel chair for the session to get dad around. Click here to learn more about the AdvenChair.

If you haven’t been out to Dillon Falls in Bend, Oregon, I’d highly suggest heading out and checking out the trail along the river. It goes right by the falls. My favorite spot for photos is the field. It’s only accessibly for part of the year, and you can’t go too far into it, but it sure is pretty!

We had perfect fall weather for this Dillon Falls family photography session. I love the fall colors they chose for their session too! It screams fall, and yet still can work all year long when they hang these photos in their homes.

Moms always ask, what if my kid cries the whole time? I do have a ton of tips I give to families on how to prepare your kiddo for a session so this doesn’t happen. It includes keeping your schedule the same as always and making sure they get a lot of rest. So, when you drive into town at midnight the night before your session and truly have no control over emotions of your kids, what do we do at the shoot? We shoot anyway. We play, we bribe (yes, bring the candy), we say yes, we make them happy and we shoot a little longer if we need to.

Sweet little Barrett had a rough go at this session, but he totally rallied at the end. Even throughout the session you can’t totally tell that he was crying. The rest of the family helped with him and kept the atmosphere joyful, which can be the key to success. I’m so happy with their family photos and extra glad that Barrett loves M&Ms 🙂

To the Pfister Family,

Thank you for trusting me to take these amazing family photos of your crew. I hope you love them as much as I do! I know you will cherish these for years to come.


Herbert Family

Oh my goodness this family is so sweet! It was so much fun to celebrate this special time with their family. Bobby and Laurice not only are celebrating their 50th anniversary, but on the same day celebrated Laurice’s 70th birthday. How amazing is that? The whole family came together to spend time with each other in beautiful Sunriver. I just love all the portraits and candids we captured for them!

Morris Family

When the Morris family stepped out of their cars in all red, white and blue, I couldn’t help but smile! It was July 5th so the first thing Audra said was, “It’s not 4th of July colors. We were going for summer”. I think summer family fun is exactly what we captured on Sunriver for this amazing family! I really love how well they coordinated the different colors in their outfits. Baby Caroline’s dress is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We had so much fun hanging by the river, snuggling with these adorable kiddos and just being silly.

Is this not the sweetest moment? She loves her momma so much!

Watch the video below to see ALL 100 of their images!

Schwarz Family

Meet the Schwarz family! Oregon natives who moved away to Tennessee a year ago. They came back to visit and wanted to celebrate with amazing family images in the beautiful Central Oregon landscape.

I so love the sweet little wild flowers that we found by the river! They only come out for a few weeks each year in this location and they were just perfect for this thunderstorm session, giving it a very spring-in-Oregon feeling.

I often have people ask, “What happens if there is a thunderstorm when we are scheduled to shoot?”. I totally understand the concern! Thunderstorms are often unpredictable and come in to Central Oregon on a regular basis. So what do I do? I keep an eye on the weather and change when we shoot as needed.

So… I met up with the Schwarz family in Sunriver on Saturday evening when the skies where slightly cloudy. I had checked the weather all day because it just had the smell of a thunderstorm, but it did not say there was a chance of thunderstorms. As I was leaving my house, my smart husband asked if I was going to take our clear umbrellas with me. I said, “No, it’s not going to rain”. Oh how God laughs when we make plans!

Right as I parked my car I started hearing thunder and seeing bolts of lightning crashing down. Luckily there was no rain, but that lightning was intense… and we were going to be shooting in a field. Even with a lightning rod on a pole above my head, I still wasn’t sure this was going to work. I even called my hubby to see if he thought it was safe to be in a field with a metal camera in a lightning storm. He wasn’t sure, but I heard my 7 old in the background saying that if I feel tingling I should put my feet together and drop to the ground, with an added, “I love you mom!” which made me think that he was sure I would get struck! That’s when the Schwarz family pulled in and the rain started pouring.

I quickly ran through the rain to meet them and ended up snuggling with Laura in the front seat of their care. Luckily we are both small! It was definitely a different way to get to know new clients and now I feel like we are true friends :).

As the rain poured down and then turned to hail, Olivia watched the storm on a weather app to see when it would pass. Thank goodness this teen loves weather because she could tell exactly when we needed to get out and start shooting before the next set of showers rolled in. So, when she said to, we ran to the field and had 10 minutes before the rain started coming down again. Then we shot for another 5 before it was just too wet and stormy to continue. I would have loved to keep shooting in the rain, but I’m so glad we stopped because the lightning came back and was so crazy! I’m so glad we all avoided getting struck by lighting!!

This entire shoot was photographed in about 12 minutes in the rain with lightning a short distance away. It may have been a bit crazy with a lot of rushing around, but I think we got some pretty amazing images with a fun story to go with them!

Isn’t she so gorgeous?! I wish we could have kept shooting in the rain. If it wasn’t for the lightning, I would have suggested we keep going just for Olivia!

Ficker Family Reunion

The licker family came to Bend, Oregon to celebrate their parent’s 50th anniversary! It’s so amazing to be able to photograph so many 50th anniversaries. It seems like a lifetime to be with someone. Actually, it is a lifetime!! John and Diana have been married for 50 years and that truly is something to celebrate.

The Ficker family met me at Drake Park in downtown Bend for a few family memories to be captured with their family reunion photo session. Then they walked off to 900 Wall for a delicious celebration dinner. These are just a few of their awesome family portraits!

Avery Family