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Hynes Family

Imagine sitting at home, enjoying quarantine with your son and new puppy when you get a call that changes your life. What a miracle little Jackson is! We’ve been praying for this boy to join their family for awhile now and then suddenly, overnight, he is here.

I can not tell you how excited I am for the entire Hynes family! I know how amazing that brotherly bond is by watching my own boys and I know these brothers are going to gave a lot of fun adventures together!

I feel so grateful to have been able to photograph the Hynes family and to meet little Jackson!

Ashley and Paul,

You guys know how much our family loves you guys so I’ll just say, I can’t believe how lucky you are! We can’t wait to watch your boys grow up together. We love you guys so much and we are all so excited for your family!


Baby Isla & Family

I love photographing this family! It is a such a blessing to have a beautiful friends who have silly and super photogenic kids. And now there is a baby girl added to the mix! It was such a joy to have fun with these guys jumping on the bed and laughing while still capturing the joy and love for their sweet little Isla.

Hynes Family

Paul and Ashley finally got their baby boy! I could not be more excited for this family of 3! Wow! They are no longer 2, but 3. It’s refreshing to say. They have been hoping to be a family for so long. It was such an amazing thing to be able to document their new family in their home. I wanted to make sure we captured this special time in a way that brings back these sweet memories years from now. Their lives have been turned upside down over night and I know they are going to forget these moments, so I really hope these images bring back all these joyous feelings when they look at them. I just love capturing lifestyle family photographs like these!  I can’t wait to see how many more memories they have together and I hope I get to be there to capture them! 

Bend, Oregon

Amy asked that I come to their family home in Bend, Oregon to capture some beautiful newborn memories of their sweet new baby. I love when I can capture the whole family together interacting. These tiny baby newborn moments fade so fast and I love being to capture them forever for families to look back on years from now. I know Amy is going to love these!

Baby Ari

Outdoor family newborn photos are some of my all time favorites! I love being able to capture the whole family together while highlighting the interactions between the family members. This session was just that. I wanted to focus not just on the family and newborn photos of baby Ari, but also on their oldest son Leo. I wanted him to know that he is special too! It’s always an adventure to photograph young kids and often they run the show. This session was definitely proof of that! Leo did what he wanted and we went with it, played off it and made sure he was happy. The result of this, and of Justin and Kiffany being super patient with their kids) made for some amazing newborn family session! I just these family photos at Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon!


I gave a gift of a newborn photography session to my friend Justine and it was so much fun to take these photos! Isabell was born only a few weeks after Noah, so normally I would have been on maternity leave, but I just had to take photos of their little cutie. Thank you Justine for being patient with me in my post c-section state. I truly appreciate it and I’m so happy we captured these precious newborn photographs!

Tegtmeier Family

When the Tegtmeier family had their new sweet little baby, I had to swing by and take newborn family photos for them. I captured just a few quick photos for them to cherish!

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