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Is this kiddo not the cutest? I love following kids around and capturing the magic of life that they are experiencing! Oh, and sometimes I throw in Mom and Dad for a few family photos 🙂

When you must have an epic photo of your fur babies for your holiday card, you call your photographer for a special session. Are these Christmas pups just the cutest?

Baby Fischer turned 1!! Time to celebrate with a photoshoot at the park! His mommy wanted a fall session with leaves everywhere. So what do you do when you need fresh, dry leaves for a photo session but you know the park will be groomed right before you get there so you wonʼt get the leaves you want? You go collect them. Actually, my intern, Carly, collected them for us. Thank you Carly! Isnʼt Fischer so sweet?

Getting teenagers to participate in a family photo session is so hard, but these two were great in front of the camera. I tried not to direct them too much so we could capture some really beautiful images of the whole family just being with each other. I love the images of them walking near the water!

I met Alyssa through Young Life and was so excited when I found out she was having a baby! This is little Kelly (after Kelly Slater the surfer). Alyssa even met Kelly Slater out in Huntington Beach at a big surf competition and had him sign her big pregnant belly. I wish I would have been there to capture the moment! Welcome to baby Kelly, itʼs been great getting to know you so far!

Iʼve literally known Jeff my entire life. Heʼs like a brother to me and I could not be more excited for their sweet little baby to enter the world. Jeff and Carly came by the studio for some traditional maternity portraits. I had some fun with lighting and I got a gorgeous art image for them too!

When Linda and John decided to get married, they knew the first step was to join the family together. What better way to unite the family than a family photography session at the beach? The best part is that Chrisʼs girlfriend got to be part of it too! I think for my first family sessions, we got some great portraits and captured some fun family memories for them to share for a lifetime!

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