Rincon Beach Club Wedding, Carpinteria, CA

Alec and Joni

While waiting in line for Splash Mountain at Disneyland, my two friends asked me to be their wedding photographer. It was like this magical moment in the magic kingdom and almost felt like a dream. Iʼve photographed weddings as a second photographer before, but this was my first wedding on my own! Itʼs so amazing to have your friends see something in you and want you to be their photographer.
And guess what, their wedding was a dream.
We had so much fun getting ready for the day! It was so special to be there like one of the family members and be able to document all the fun and joy of the day. Seeing Joni in her flip flops and Alec in his converse really shows how casual and totally silly these two are. They are so perfect for each other!
Joni even spent months growing their centerpieces.

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