Tivoli Too, Laguna Beach Wedding

Ashley and Erin

I just have to say that this was the most fun wedding Iʼve been to! I even was able to dance with my fun bride, Ashley, out on the dance floor as we captured fun candids of their crew having fun!

Ashely and Erin are so much fun! Tivoli Too was an amazing location since they could have all their guests at one place all night long, making it so easy for everyone to have fun. We met up with the couple for a few getting ready shots at the hotel up the street. Ashely loved the gazebo at the hotel and asked if we could do a first look and photos at the gazebo. Of course!! And they are beautiful! After words, we met up with the family and wedding party at Tivoli Too for group photos. What a fun group! The ladies even did jumping photos.

I have to say, outdoor nighttime ceremonies are the hardest to photograph. I never want to be a distraction to the guests with flashes going off all the time so we had to really choose the best time to take each photo. I think Josh and I did an amazing job capturing all the fun of a Catholic-Jewish wedding ceremony.

Even though their ceremony was a little tough, their reception was easy, beautiful and so much fun!! I love all the emotion-filled candids we were able to capture!

How gorgeous is their cake? The grand display stand that Tivoli Too provided totally complements their 3 tier wedding cake. And the flowers just pop!

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