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I was lucky enough to be able to work with New Freedom Jewelry and to offer them my photography services to help create this ad for them. Their story was featured in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine with the ad to raise awareness of what the foundation does.

Here is a little bit about them…

New Freedom Jewelry is handmade by Nepalese women who were former sex slaves, once part of the estimated one million women and children worldwide that are forced into prostitution every year. It’s a dirty little secret, but thousands of Nepalese girls, some as young as eight, are sold by their parents, relatives, or even members of their villages due to the extreme poverty of their nation. Other girls are lured into the sex trade, and ultimately into slavery, with promises of good jobs, marriages, or education. Unfortunately, those few who do escape and return to Nepal face nearly insurmountable odds. Many have contracted HIV, Aids, or other STDS. Many have recurrent health problems from poorly performed abortions or complicated pregnancies, from prolonged malnutrition, chronic tuberculosis, or post traumatic stress syndrome and depression. But perhaps worst of all, most are rejected by their own families and ostracized by their communities.

Purchasing New Freedom Jewelry will make you feel as good on the inside as it makes you look on the outside.  The proceeds from the sale of this jewelry, that’s right 100% of the profit, is used to provide much needed medical care, clothing, food, education and job training, and safe places to begin healing abused bodies and broken hearts.  But perhaps even more importantly, New Freedom Jewelry can stop the sex trade right where it starts.  Its proceeds will enable us to purchase safe houses for the lost children of Nepal.  At these homes, children will receive loving care, food, clothing, medicine, and education, which is the real key to a brighter future.

It really is a fantastic organization. Please purchase jewelry from them to support the organization.

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