A Disneyland Wedding, CA

Tommy + Vanessa

My job just gets better and better! A Disneyland wedding dream!! Tommy and Vanessa are the most chill bride and groom anyone could ask for. They love Hollywood, drama and awesome effects so of course they are fans of Disneyland. When it can time to get married, they decided on a try Disney wedding, and they didnʼt skimp! 

We had so much fun capturing all the normal details of the day and perfect moments, but truly came alive when it was time for the Disneyland moments! Not only did we get to stand in front of the A (for their last name), but we also got take photos of their personalized brick! If only we could have gone in the park…. but then we wouldnʼt have been able to enjoy their magical reception at the Disney hotel! 

Complete with Cinderella’s slipper on top of the cake, this truly was a magical wedding! 

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