Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

SCAA Coffe Expo

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my job and think about how I got so lucky! Today was one of those days… 

I love coffee. When I got asked to photograph the SCAA Specialty Coffee of the Year Event, I thought, “sure, this will be fun”. I had no idea what is was in store for. 

I went to class after class learning (over the shoulder of people I was photographing) about cupping, pouring and how to make latte art! I even got to watch the latte art competition. I got to see the most amazing top of the line cappuccino makers and other tools of the trade that pretty much blew my mind. 

I hung out with Martin Detrich and his bro (although I see them all the time at our local coffee shop, Kean). And most fun of all, I got to try the special civet coffee, pooped out of the buns of a civet cat. Itʼs the most expensive coffee in the world! 

I pretty much drank coffee all day and ran around like crazy – I was on like 18 shots of espresso. So all in all, best day ever! 

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