Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

This year I had fun making gifts for my husband, Josh, on his first Father’s Day, as well as for my own parent’s.

At Christmas, Josh’s cousin gave us a gift wrapped in an old English newspaper. Josh and I both thought it was pretty cool, but I didn’t think it was worth saving. As I went to throw the newspaper away, Josh stopped me and said I should save it, maybe it would be a good matte for a picture frame. So, when I went to Micheals about a month ago and ran across a DIY frame kit the idea came to me. I used the DIY frame, the old newspaper and a lot of love to make his Father’s Day gift this year. Here’s how:

 What you need: DIY photo frame kit, wood letters, black paint, paint brush sheet of newspaper, hot glue gun, glue stick, photograph.

To make the frame, I started by painting the sides of the frame and the letters black. Then I glued the newspaper to the wood using a glue stick. Once this glue dried, I trimmed off the excess newspaper. Using the hot glue gun, I put the letters in place. Here’s the tricky part: I had to get Caleb to fall into a deep sleep. I put a medium amount of paint on the bottom of his foot and then pressed it onto the frame. The key is to get enough paint that it will transfer to the frame before drying, but not so much that you lose the details of his tiny foot. After that paint dried I just added the photo and a little had written note on the back. Super easy and cute!

For my mom I made signature tequila with accessories. To do this, I needed tequila, limes, a jar for my mom’s favorite salt and sugar mix and of course, agave nectar. I started by laying my son on his back on a white blanket and photographing him while he made silly faces at Josh. I cropped the photos tight around his face to use as the main logo for the tequila. Then I used Photoshop to layout the design for the labels. Once I printed them out, I simply cut the labels to size and taped them to the bottles. My mom loved her personalized margarita kit!

For my dad, I made an awesome flip-book with images on both sides. He’s been asking for a new wallet size photo of us that he can carry around so he can show off his new grandson. Now he has 10 wallet photos to show off!

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