Lego 1st Birthday


Caleb’s only girl cousin, and 2nd cousin at that, turned 1! Caleb and I hopped in the car and drove 6 hours to Seattle to be there for the big celebration. It is so much fun to be near family, so we really didn’t mind the drive. We got to spend the whole weekend with Josh’s aunt, uncle and cousins. And no, Josh couldn’t go, but we really did have fun anyway!

Christi and Kevin and crazy into Lego so it was no surprise that they had a Lego themed birthday party for their one year old. Although, I’m not sure the Lego pieces are actually safe for a one year old, it was still an incredible theme! They set out a breakfast table on their little lawn filled with pastries and Lego mini figs. Then let all the kids hang out and play with the big Lego pieces. It was fun to just hang out and celebrate Tesla!

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