Klamath Falls, Running Y Wedding

Briana + Jake

I met Briana and Jake at the Running Y Wedding Show last year. They are a very sweet couple so I knew right away that we would have a blast at their simple and elegant wedding. Briana and Jake chose to be married on the lawn under the large pine trees. One of their friends married them and the ceremony was full of joy. Their reception details were simple, so I focused on the people and captured as many candids as I could. I chose just a few to show here that really show how much joy and fun they had. My favorite part of the day was the bride and groom portraits as well as the wedding party photos. We didn’t spend a ton of time on these, but we did capture some show stopping images that I know they will love. Plus, they had a classic car to pose with. How can you not love that! Oh, and did you notice the boutonniere made from feathers and bullets? Jake love to go to hunting for different birds so Briana made these custom boutonniere to really bring his love and passion into their wedding day. I hope them both the best in this new adventure!

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