What can you use an amazing headshot for?

Once you have a great headshot, the possibilities for what you can do with it are endless. Okay, not really, but there are a lot of ways you can use your headshot that most people don’t think about. Let’s talk about the obvious, update your About page on your website. Potential clients want to know that they are working with a professional who they can trust. If you look approachable and trustworthy in your photo, they are more likely to book an appointment with you and use your services. Think about it, if you went to a website and someone had a photo that looks like it came straight from their iPhone (which it probably did), would you trust this person? Which of these two photos make Josh look trustworthy, approachable and professional?








Its not that the before is a bad photo, because it isn’t bad. It’s just that having a professional photo goes a lot further in gaining the trust of potential clients.

Let’s talk about social media for a minute. If you are using Linked In, Face Book, You Tube, Google Plus, Yelp and any other social media platform to reach potential clients, then you need a great headshot for those too. You can keep your crazy fun portrait for your personal Face Book page, but when you are representing your business, you need a great headshot.

So you’ve updated your website photo and your social media photos, what now? You can add your photo to your business card. This one I don’t suggest for everyone. If you are your business, like a realtor, finical adviser, etc. then you may want to add your headshot to your business card. You can also use your headshot on brochures, flyers, posters or any other marketing materials that you hand out for your business. When people can see who they will be working with, they are more likely to take the next steps in booking your services.

Now for the fun applications: book covers, article submissions, E-marketing materials. If you really want to stand out as a professional then get writing. Put pen to paper and give people some advise. Books, E-Books, online magazines, blogs, newspapers and magazines are all looking for stories they can run. And what do they need along wth story submission? That’s right, your photo. This is a great opportunity to stand out as a professional who is also approachable and trustworthy.

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