Why a horizontal image is more versatile than a vertical image?

Once upon a time someone decided that headshots should be vertical. In this day and age, a headshot is most often used for social media and on a website. While most websites don’t care of your image is vertical, horizontal or square, social media platforms do care. In fact, most profile images are square, while those that are not square are horizontal.

If you want to use your headshot for just about any type of online banner or display network ad then you need it to be horizontal. Google Adsense says that wide ads are more likely to perform better than skyscraper ads. So why would you want your headshot to be taken vertical? A vertical headshot will limit what you can use it for.

Here’s a quick look at what this means:

Here is your headshot:

Square crop (Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest):

Rectangular crop (Yelp and You Tube):

Rectangular crop for most popular Google display network ads:

Medium Rectangle:

Large Mobile Banner:

Half Page:

These aren’t the most creative ads, but can you see that even on a half page vertical ad, the horizontal image works great?

My headshots are shot and provided to you in wide format so you can use them for exactly what you need them for: marketing your company across current platforms. A horizontal image is the only way to go for your new headshot.

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