Redmond, Oregon Couples Photography

Rylee + John

Redmond, Oregon

I love when couples want photos of themselves to remember their time together. Whether they end up getting married or not, it’s always nice to be able to look back on a great love years later to relive those sweet memories.

Rylee and John have been dating for one year today! They wanted to celebrate their time together with beautiful photographs that they can show off to their friends and family and hang in their homes. They will always be able to look back on the time when their relationship began to bloom with these photos.

For their session, we ventured out past Redmond, Oregon to a local bridge that they love. It was surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of Central Oregon. The small area gave us plenty of settings to use to capture the two of them together. The smoke even provided a beautiful orange glow creating a more romantic vibe for these two love birds. Congrats on one year!

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