Eagle Crest Family Reunion Photography

Evans Family

The Evans family were so much fun to work with! They wind chill made it a little cold out, but we took their portraits in a little nook of trees feet away from their condo to make it easy for Grandpa and their little ones to get warm and have easy access to the snacks. It was perfect! I love the red accents they added for their holiday cards too.

I love taking multi-generation photos like Grandpa with the grandkids, Grandpa with the great grandkids and all the men together!

Seriously though, how cute are these cousins in their holiday ties?

The reason it’s great to have a photographer who knows how to shoot fast, especially with little kids, is because they can very quickly go from a full out cry to smiling and back again. I love the beautiful portraits of each of these brothers, but I left the natural cry in too since it so describes them at this stage in life.

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