The Reserve Vineyards, Aloha, Oregon

Emma + Kevin

Rainy Day Vineyard Wedding

Ceremony: St. Cecilia’s Parish in Beaverton, OR / Reception: The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha, OR / Cake: Market of Choice / Florist: Julie Ann Design / DJ/Photo Booth: Noteworthy DJ  / Videographer: NW Film Co. / Hair & Makeup: Courtney Sholes / Bridal Dress Boutique: Charlotte’s Bridal in Beaverton, OR / Bridemaids Dresses: Weddington Way / Groom’s Attire: Weddington Way / Bridal Ring Designer: A. Jaffe / Groom’s Ring Designer: Benchmark /

When we travel for weddings I always watch the weather channel. I’m slightly obsessed with storm watches. The morning of Emma and Kevin’s wedding we woke up and saw that everything outside was wet. So we turned on the trusty weather channel and saw that rain was in the forecast for the day. Not only that, but out of the entire continental US, Portland to Seattle was the only area that would get rain that day. Seriously, the entire map was orange and red except the tiny little spot of green we were. They say rain on your wedding is good luck, but being in the only place in the US to get rain has to be the most incredible luck a couple can have, right?

Emma and Kevin really wanted an outdoor space for their reception. Thank goodness they knew that having a covered area was essential to stay out of the heat and rain. “We looked at a few venues in Seattle and a few venues in Portland, but we are so happy that The Reserve worked out.” – Emma

Emma and Kevin met on Kevin’s annual family camping trip when they were still in high school. Sparks immediately began to fly around the campfire. Even though they both knew it was love at first sight, they waited a few years until the timing was right to begin dating. At Emma’s prom she realized she had found her partner for life.

They’ve built a life together, following each others dreams and making them a reality. They even adopted a sweet little puppy named Hank who came with us to their engagement session. Taking care of Hank helped them learn how great they are as a team.

After six years of dating, Kevin proposed on the top of Smith Tower, a historical building in Seattle. With the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains, Emma said,”The mountains look beautiful tonight!”. Kevin leaned over and said,”Not as beautiful as you.” That’s when he got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever! After saying, “YES!”, Emma wanted to call everyone to tell them the good news, but Kevin made her wait. When they arrived home Emma found herself surrounded by all her friends and family to celebrate!

For Emma, a wedding with a rustic, casual and classic theme was the dream. I think she nailed it with these beautiful blue wedding invitations. I love that the flowers for the entire wedding match the invites!

“Finding the dress was a stress-free process! I went to one bridal boutique with my mom to get an idea of what I wanted, and the next day, I went to two bridal stores with my mom, mother-in-law, and all of my bridesmaids. It was a really special day because at lunch, I asked all of the girls to be my bridesmaids.” – Emma

Charlotte’s Bridal in Beaverton, Oregon was the perfect place to find the perfect dress. Being right across the street from Emma’s old high school, this bridal shop had been on Emma’s radar for awhile. After trying on this dress and falling in love with train, she couldn’t imagine herself walking down the aisle in anything else!

Even though the downpour began right as we were heading out for their first look, no one got too wet. The Reserve has a few covered spaces which were all we needed to keep everyone dry and get amazing portraits of the wedding party.

“Marriage means engaging in a lifelong partnership of teamwork. Although we are definitely in the honeymoon phase of our lives right now, we know that life gets hard, but we are so grateful that we will have each other through those times. We are each other’s biggest supporters and strongest advocates. Our love for each other is eternal.” – Emma & Kevin

Every wedding Josh and I go to, I am reminded why I fell in love. I think they nailed it when they describe marriage as teamwork. The thing I am most grateful for in my marriage is having a partner who, no matter what, will support me and be my teammate. I know Emma and Kevin and going to have an amazing marriage! Congrats!

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