Eagle Crest Wedding, Redmond

Danielle + Ty

“We’ve been best friends and sole mates since high school. As we’ve grown so has our relationship and we can’t wait to take the next step” – Danielle.

Danielle and Tyler married at River Run Lodge Eagle Crest in Redmond, Oregon. Like she said, they’ve known they wanted to get married since high school. These two have spent the last 9 years camping, fishing, cooking and loving on their dog, Duke. Having a long relationship meant they could have a short engagement. Their engagement was only 4 months.

Ty proposed on Danielle’s birthday at the beach at sunset. So romantic! She had just had surgery and wasn’t sure if she could make it the beach so they ended up having a simple and relaxing evening by the fire watching the sun go down. In the sweet and simple moment, he proposed.

They chose Redmond for their wedding because they love the area and were hoping to get married in the snow. It actually snowed during their ceremony and we were able to capture some beautiful moments in the snow at the end of the night. The venue gave them an exceptional deal since it was off season. The River Run Lodge at Eagle Crest has a view that Danielle could not resist. Both Danielle and Ty loved the rustic and intimate setting of the venue.

They wanted their wedding to be simple, inviting and fun. Everyone had a great time so they definitely accomplished their goals.

“Marriage means you’re stuck with that person forever! through thick and thin, good and bad so you better make sure you’re with the right person. I’m a million percent positive I’ve found the right one. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with and can’t wait to make the commitment in front of God and my family and friends.” – Danielle

Danielle and Ty,

Thank you for letting me be part of your day. Your friends and family were so sweet! I know you guys (and Duke) are going to have a happy and amazing life together.


I love all the matching rose gold jewelry!

This is one of the best custom ring boxes I’ve seen. It’s so beautiful!

Danielle’s sister let her borrow her wedding dress. Danielle looks stunning it and was so thankful to have a sister willing to share something so special.

Isn’t Duke so handsome! He’s a big part of their lives so they had to have at the wedding.

Yes, the bride and groom really did wear sunglasses throughout the ceremony. Their was a reason though. Danielle had an allergic reaction to her eye makeup the morning of the wedding. Her eyes puffed up and were red throughout the wedding day. She also had to go without makeup the whole day. I personally couldn’t tell, but she wanted to keep the glasses on until her eyes were a little less red. So, they both wore sunglasses as a way to stick together in a crisis. It’s actually pretty sweet!

“My grandpa on my moms side is officiating the wedding. My sister had our other grandpa officiate her wedding which is one of my favorite parts about our ceremony. I’m thankful to have such an amazing family and lucky to have them there to be apart of our special day” – Danielle.

Danielle’s mom helped find the catering company as well as the cake company, I’da’s cakes. She was a huge help with the whole wedding. Danielle was a very laid back bride and he mom jumped right in assuring things got done.

The candy bar for the guests was one of Danielle’s favorite fun parts of her wedding day.

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