Eastern Washington Wedding

Michelle + Roy

Second chances do happen, and sometimes they are the best thing in the world! Every girl dreams of finding the perfect person to listen to you and support you in achieving your dreams.

When Michelle met Roy she knew he was different. He was someone she could trust fully. He became her person and she became his.

Last weekend we were asked to attend and photograph a wedding for my best friend since 5th grade, Michelle, and her man Roy. It was a whole weekend of family fun! My mom performed the ceremony too (sometimes I think my mom is closer to my bestie than I am). Spending the weekend with Roy and his family made me really see who this man is and why she chose him. He is kind, he knows Michelle’s fears and dreams and he’s there to support her. He is everything she needs and wants. 

Their families and closest friends came in from all over California, Texas, Oregon and Washington to support them in their marriage. Sometimes weddings aren’t about all the little details and perfect pieces. Sometimes they are just about celebrating with the people closest to you. It was a simple intimate wedding and it was perfect for them. Congrats Michelle and Roy!

It’s funny how you can plan things just right, but come wedding day, anything go wrong and totally mess things up. Michelle’s wedding happened to have a number of things that went wrong all of sudden and it totally through things for a loop! So what do you do when you show up to photograph the bride and she and the rest of the ladies are no where to be found? I went on a hunt. I happened to remember a comment she made about needing to pick up the dress across the street on her way to the getting ready sight. So I headed to one of two dress shops across the way and found her dress! I new I’d find eventually.

I finally got ahold of Michelle and found out there had been a hair disaster and they were running super late because of it. So, as any good photographer would do, I picked up the dress and headed to the getting ready site for dress photos and details. Well the fun didn’t stop there. The getting ready location wasn’t open. Now I had the bridesmaids with me and we called the location, banged on doors and couldn’t get it open.

I think God really likes it when two people commit their lives to each other, because I feel like every wedding day seems to come with a little bit of luck. Michelle’s family happened to be staying next door in a beautiful home. So we moved the getting ready photos over and captured some special moments for the bride!

I’m no t going to lie, I had a slight panic attack when Michelle turned to me after the ceremony and said that she wanted to skip all the portraits of her and her new husband.

We had 5 minutes for the first look. Normally after the first look we take about 30 minutes for portraits of the bride and groom so we cut out a large chunk of portrait time after the ceremony and they can get back to their guests. That was the plan, but we didn’t have time to take more than 3 portraits before the ceremony. I literally only had 5 minutes for the entire first look and portraits. So when my best friend/bride asked me to skip to portraits, I said NO. I made her do it.

I knew what we talked about before the wedding and I knew her priorities. I knew she would be heartbroken to not have beautiful images of the two of them on their wedding day. So we took 10 minutes and went out into the garden to capture a little bit of gorgeousness. She thanked me as we were walking to the reception.

I’ve always been known for capturing candid portraits during the wedding. This is one of my favorite things to do and especially for this wedding. I loved capturing special moments of my best friend’s family, the people I grew up with, as well as Roy’s family!

Of course this wedding day would not be complete with a few images of me and Michelle! Plus my boys were there so we grabbed a few of our family too! It’s so fun to be guests at weddings and not just photographers!

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