Sunriver Family Photography

Bell Family

Can I just say, I think this family is so adorable! They get together once a year to spend time together and get family photos taken. I am so happy to have had the honor of being their photographer this year! It was a bright morning with blue summer skies to match perfectly with their colorful summer outfits.

Photographing kids is so amazing. I had a lot of fun chasing around their little ones out in Sunriver. When kids aren’t ready to be in front of the camera, it can be extremely challenging to get them to smile or even look at the camera. So, I got creative at this shoot. I let both the older girls take one of my cameras and be my second shooter. Not only did they have fun, but it also gave them the confidence to be in front of the camera. I think they definitely have two soon-to-be photographers on their hands!

AS we were walking back to the cars after the session, this sweet girl said to me, “I love horses more than anything in the whole world! Except God and Jesus”. My heart melted!!

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