The Beauty of Quadruplets

The Hemme Family – Bend, Oregon

With quadruplets comes a life of total chaos complete with smiles, laughter and probably a few tears on a daily basis. Personally, I thrive in chaos. It makes me feel alive and focused. I truly can’t imagine having 5 kids, 4 of which are quadruplets, but I did get to be there for a fun and magical day in the sun.

I have to say, these kids are pretty awesome. At only 20 months they are each incredibly unique with shining personalities. Thank goodness big sis Charlie is there to help out!

In 45 minutes we were able to run around, have fun, take family photos, splash in some water and create some amazing family memories for the Hemme family. This unique family session was truly one of my favorites of all time. The joy… the craziness… everything about it I just loved!

To the Hemme family:

Thank you for letting me join your family for an hour to capture these summer moments. You guys had the best attitude during the session, knowing that it would be a ton of fun and hoping for the best. I’m so glad you dove into the chaos with smiles because the joy that we captured together is priceless. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with this experience and I can’t wait to be there for all the big moments in your life! I hope these photos bring your family a ton of joy and smiles when there are tears!!


So much fun!! I love seeing kids play and be happy!

The is image might not seem like much but it totally represents this family! I love Charlie jumping in the air and all the other littles running off while mom and dad and keep smiles on their face. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the chaos!

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