Hollinsead Park, Bend, OR

Wood Family Photography

I met Kristi at the dentist and we pretty much become instant friends as she cleaned my teeth. The Wood family moved up to Bend, Oregon from Georgia to start a new church. Clint has been a pastor for almost 2 decades and is now in charge of his first church plant. So exciting! We’ve been part of a couple church plants and it’s a fun process!

Kristi said they have a very modern farmhouse style and loved the fall colors at Hollinshead park. I think this was the perfect location for their fall family photos! The leaves had just started to turn so we had a gorgeous selections of green and orange trees full of leaves. I love the brilliant colors of the trees, but I also wanted to make sure to get some photos with toned down colors for their home.

I always have my families fill out a questionnaire before their family session. This helps me to get to know them a little better before the session and let’s me know exactly what their style is so I can create images perfect for them. For the Wood family, it was actually an incredibly important piece to their session. I love candid images where everyone really looks like themselves, perfectly relaxed while engaging with others. However, Kristi noted that she loved traditional photos. So, I made sure to have a huge selection of different family images with them all looking at the camera. I couldn’t help throwing in a few candids though.

One of the main reasons I love candids is because you can hang them bigger throughout your home and it really becomes art, rather than a family photo. Too many images of your crew staring straight at the camera can be overwhelming in a smaller space. Kristi and Clint agreed and actually fell in love with the idea of one candid print to balance out the formal portraits. It’s going to look so amazing on their wall. I can’t wait to update the blog with photos of their artwork!

I do have to mention their dog Murphy. They were worried about bringing him along but really did want to have a few images with the sweet boy. I have to say, he did amazing! Normally, I’ll ask for a friend to come along as a dog wrangler to help get his attention and keep in line, but he really didn’t need it. He actually followed direction super well and gave me tons of kisses while I photographed his family without him 🙂

To the Wood family,

Thanks you so much for letting me capture these amazing photos of your family. You guys are truly special and I feel so blessed to have had a chance to get to know you all! I know you are going to love looking at these photos everyday. Again, thank you for letting me be part of your memories!


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